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Trump and Mexico Need Each Other  Read

Putin’s Weekend of Trolling  Read

Can Britain Deal With ‘No Deal’?  Read

Trump’s Risky War of Choice Against the Generals  Read

World leaders mourn Kofi Annan's death  Read

Demonstrators protest against neo-Nazi rallies in Berlin  Read

Which country has the highest child benefits available to foreigners?  Read

Building a Europe more resilient to terrorism  Read

China Jails 1 Million Muslims  Read

Former Trump Staffer Says The Press Is Not The Enemy  Read

2019 Volvo XC40 hits spot in compact luxury SUV segment — and a new generation of customers  Read

Trump's fight with Turkey is helping Russia and Iran  Read

The bad news is we’re dying early in Britain - and it’s all down to ‘shit-life syndrome’  Read

Brexit - Fashion boss gives £1m boost to People’s Vote campaign  Read

New York governor in hot water for saying America 'was never that great'  Read

The strange saga of The Tesla founder Elon Musk: Inside his 'excruciating' year  Read

Ode to joy: How to find happiness in balloons and rainbows  Read

‘Chicken is where it's at’: The unstoppable rise of KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken  Read

News Long Reads: How a couple's dream trip ended in tragedy at the hands of Isis  Read

Jewish UK Labour members accuse party leaders of trying to 'censor' conference antisemitism training  Read

My time as a host on Russia's RT TV: 'We were astounded by the freedom  Read

Twitter was supposed to spread democracy, not Trump’s ravings  Read

Facebook opens up to researchers — but not about 2016 election  Read

Facebook Is Fighting a Demand to 'Wiretap' Messenger in an MS-13 Case  Read

Pictures: World’s cartoonists on this week’s events  Read

Pictures: The 20 photographs of the week  Read

Pictures: Brussel's Grand Place square covered with colourful flowers  Read

Pictures: Orangutan Dora's path home  Read

Video: Kofi Annan's three key UN speeches  Read

Video: 'I didn't want to sing at first': Aretha Franklin in her own words  Read

Video: White Fright - The plot to attack Muslims that the US media ignored  Read

Video: Cops and Robbers - the New York cop from the streets  Read

Video: Mysterious Sea Creature Washes Up in Russia  Read

Video: Why removing clearances could threaten US national security  Read

Art & design: Days of la dolce vita - Claude Nori’s images of Italians on holiday  Read

Fashion: 35 timeless fall staples you need in your wardrobe now  Read

Film: At last, an Oscar for popular film. Because who needs another The Shape Of Water?  Read

Games: Lego The Incredibles review - knockabout superhero fun  Read

Stage: Updated - The best shows at the Edinburgh festival 2018 Read

Travel: Why Turkey's currency crisis means ultra-cheap holidays  Read

Recipe: Heirloom Tomato, Lobster, Peach and Stracciatella Salad  Read

'Something is rotten at Fox News' – politicians respond to the hilarious rant about Denmark’s socialist dystopia  Læs/read

Denmark's Novo Nordisk buys UK insulin technology pioneer  Læs/read

Finnish court issues precedent "right to be forgotten" decision for Google to remove data  Læs/read

US doubles number of marines stationed in Norway  Læs/read

Sweden grapples with neo-Nazis in election campaign nbsp;Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

EU gets record response on 'summertime' consultation  Læs/read

UN mourns death of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, ‘a guiding force for good’  Læs/read

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20. august 2018


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Almost 350 US media co-ordinated attack Trump's 'dirty war'  Read

The Guardian stands with them the press and tells Trump: At work, not at war  Read

Central bankers warn of chaos in a cashless society  Read

We Regret to Inform You That Russia Is At It Again - election season is open season for meddling  Read

Was Salvini right to blame Brussels for Genoa bridge collapse?  Read

How to travel through Genoa now?  Read

Two false Brexit choices for Britain  Read

EU fears Britain is bugging Brexit  Read

Endangered Silvery baby gibbon introduced to Prague zoo  Read

Watch video: Crows trained to collect cigarette butts in French theme park  Read

Tax havens threaten oceans and rainforests  Read

Trump vs. Erdogan: A dangerous rivalry  Read

Online haters target Green Youths politician 1h ago  Read

German media's 'darkest hour'  Read

Swedish man arrested in Turkey over car fires  Read

Trump’s Global Gag Rule endangers lives in Africa  Read

Madonna at 60: From college dropout to the Queen of Pop - pictures  Read

Brexit talks resume as chance of 'no deal' put at 50:50  Read

US trial sheds light on murky Cyprus-Russia links  Read

CIA falsely believed it was 'invincible' in China - here's how its spies were reportedly discovered  Read

'Unraveling' pound on its worst run since the financial crisis - and it's only going to get worse  Read

Why your next flight may go via China  Read

NASA's Spotify playlist of wake-up songs for its comatose Mars rover is excellent  Read

Google Releases Political Ad Database and Trump Is the Big Winner  Read

What Am I Worth to Advertisers? My Obsessive Quest to Put a Price on My Attention  Read

Mystery Russian satellite raises US alarm  Read

The new phones that aren't so smart: You can call and text - and that's it  Read

Jailed journalist's powerful photos of Bangladesh  Read

Pictures: Best photos of the day: A record swim and a sheep sale  Read

Pictures: Modern American prints from 1920-1948 – in pictures  Read

Pictures: Shed of the Year 2018 shortlist  Read

Pictures: On patrol with the wildlife rangers of Chinko – photo essay  Read

Video: Avozilla: The giant avocado variety causing a stir  Read

Video: 'We just ran for our lives'  Read

Video: 'Fighting to love freely': Counterprotesters dwarf white supremacy rally at White House  Read

Video: Rapid influx of these beaver-like rodents has decimated parts of the Californian wetlands  Read

Video: Whales get stuck in Icelandic fjord, twice  Read

Video: Polluted lives: The cost of South Africa's gold rush  Read

Art & design: How To Buy Your First Piece Of Art  Read

Fashion: Why Instagram’s ‘outfit of the day’ hashtag is bad for fashion – and bad for the soul  Read

Film: Elvis '68 Comeback Special review – the King continues to enchant  Read

Games: Parents are paying tutors to stop their kids getting owned at Fortnite  Read

Stage: The Edinburgh festival - The Belgians making audiences laugh, sing and squirm  Read

Travel: Feeling floral? The world's best botanical gardens  Read

Recipe: This combination of meringue, strawberries and soft cream is a necessity for summer  Read

Ten of Denmark's most 'Instagram-able' places  Læs/read

Researchers in Finland detect vulnerability in password management software  Læs/read

What are 5 Norwegian supply vessels doing in Russia’s Kara Sea?  Læs/read

Nationalist leader calls again for 'Swexit' referendum  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

European Solidarity Corps: Commission opens new call for project proposals  Læs/read

UNICEF: US and Mexico child deportations drive extreme violence and trauma  Læs/read

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17. august 2018


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More Bridges Will Collapse  Read

The deadliest bridge and building collapses  Read

There's a high chance it will be "anomalously warm" until at least 2022  Read

Italy's Populists - Five Star Movement - dismiss bridge fears as 'fairytale'  Read

Journalist could spend years behind bar - His crime: Calling out government corruption  Read

All you need to know about Trump-Russia story  Read

Denmark to build controversial German border fence  Read

Brexit has reached a dead end  Read

US newspaper and news tv launches free press campaign after Trump attacks  Read

Sweltering cities: What would a heat-proof city look like?  Read

Lego's Voltron Is Wonderful Proof That Fans Are Sometimes Worth Listening To  Read

Our planet desperately needs us to become climate positive  Read

Swiss mountaineer breaks speed record at Mont Blanc - video  Read

Ruble slides to 2-years low vs krone  Read

Eurozone growth better than expected  Read

Germany tries to close infrastructure backlog  Read

New Zealand bans foreigners from buying homes  Read

Little known payments firm Wirecard overtakes Deutsche Bank  Read

Tropical ticks carry some nasty diseases found  Read

Special 'zombie gene' that protects elephants from cancer  Read

How long can Bulgaria keep facing both East and West?  Read

EU commission steps up legal case against Poland  Read

The Only Known Sound in Space Is This 'Singing' Black Hole  Read

Russian-backed separatists are using terrifying text messages to shock adversaries  Read

A majority of Trump's Republicans say the news media is the 'enemy of the people'  Read

How to make China work for Europe  Read

Greece Is Back on the Grid, But Recovery Remains Elusive  Read

Danish finance minister criticises US media after Fox broadside  Read

Fox Business host responds after criticism of Denmark claims  Read

Why Fox Business’ comparison of Denmark and Venezuela is built on fallacy  Read

How to Discuss the Far Right Without Empowering It  Read

Twitter suspends Infowars' Far-right conspiracy theorist for abuse  Read

‘Lessons’ From the Internet’s Most Violent Videos  Read

Voting by Smartphone: Quick and Easy, Just Not Very Secure  Read

The latest rumors about Apple's upcoming iPhones are here - here's what's new  Read

Apple could launch glasses in 2020, Apple Car in 2023  Read

The Best Way to Upgrade Your Cheap, Crappy Earbuds  Read

EU court to hear citizens' climate case against EU  Read

Pictures: Creatures of the cold - The Antarctic photography exhibition  Read

Pictures: Nude friends and lovers  Read

Pictures: The £15bn Crossrail colossus  Read

Pictures (and video): Genoa bridge collapse  Read

Video: New aerial footage shows destruction at scene of Genoa bridge collapse  Read

Video: Cars burn in Gothenburg after arson attacks  Read

Video: Teenager recovers after lightning strike  Read

Video: Whale rescued from fishing net  Read

Video: 'I smelt smoke then something exploded'  Read

Video: Catholic Church covered up priests' child abuse  Read

Art & design: Heads Roll review – An exhibition for narcissists everywhere  Read

Fashion: The circular economy - The hoop earring trend bigger than ever, but what style should you wear?  Read

Film: Ant-Man and the Wasp buzzes in at box office but Mamma Mia! real winner  Read

Games: No Man's Sky Next review - Wider horizons than ever before  Read

Stage: 'I threw my soul all over the floor' - Egg and sperm donors stage their stories  Read

Travel: Open and shut case - The package holiday is back, Why?  Read

Recipe: Country Women's territory bouillabaisse  Read

A quarter of a century on from the cartoon that defined Danishness  Læs/read

Police in Northern Finland overstretched  Læs/read

Norway is falling behind in ICT and technology  Læs/read

UK letter bomb suspect charged with threatening Swedish ministers  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Isolated nations and 'lopsided' alliances 'add to frustration with EU'  Læs/read

UN and Counter-Terrorism  Læs/read

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16. august 2018


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'Grannies' on a mission to the US-Mexico border  Read

Baby squirrel "Pippilotta" who captivated Germany is safe - and female  Read

New Berlin Wall section found by trekkers  Read

Butterflies flourishing in hot summer but face problems ahead  Read

'So petty' - Trump fails to mention John McCain at signing of defence bill named after him  Read

The world's most liveable city named  Read

Turkey crisis a threat to Europe's economy?  Read

Iran says no talks, no war with US  Read

Up to 30,000 IS fighters still in Syria and Iraq  Read

Left-handed, left-footed, left-kissing?  Read

An inversion of nature: How air conditioning created the modern city  Read

Life without evenings: The people left behind by South Korea's war on overwork  Read

From box office to Oval Office: Can a film ever lead to political change?  Read

What God has not joined together: The rise of the humanist wedding  Read

Brexit will ruin the lives of British citizens in Europe  Read

“The greatest songwriter of all time” is making a West End musical  Read

Chelsea Manning praises Sweden's downsized military – and says the world should follow suit  Read

Thinks they have a crucial competitive advantage over Google, Uber and Apple to launch driverless cars in EU  Read

Trapped whales rescued again - video  Read

The Coming Wars: Europe’s new Eastern raiders  Read

Lisbon bids for tech talent - with EU passports as a prize  Read

The possibility a new political party emerging in the U.K  Read

Quick Release Knot - video  Read

Facebook is hiring the interactive video company that dragged its feet in complying with data rules  Read

Golden Retriever Plays Peacemaker, Stops Cat Fight Before It Even Starts  Read

Paris’ new eco-friendly public urinals disgust locals  Read

Pictures: Up, up and away - The Bristol balloon fiesta  Read

Pictures: Thailand's treasure hunters  Read

Pictures: 20 photographs  Read

Pictures: The bohemian world of Venice Beach – in pictures  Read

Video: 'Donald Trump is a gangster'  Read

Video: Autistic actress makes soap history  Read

Video: Designers shape sex toys of the future  Read

Video: 'Seahorse' created for harbour art  Read

Video: Going plastic-free with kids  Read

Video: Race against time for dogs in wildfires  Read

Art & design: The Artist discloses details of estrangement from his mother  Read

Fashion: Relaunch proves there's life yet in high-end magazines  Read

Film: Beyond The Cove - What happened after the Oscar-winning documentary?  Read

Games: Video games are political - Here's how they can be progressive  Read

Stage: 'After 15 minutes, my audience walked out'- Standups on their Edinburgh debuts  Read

Travel: Delta of delights - Boating in the south of France  Read

Recipe: Vegan recipe for piccalilli spiced rice  Read

Super crop thriving in Danish summer heat  Læs/read

Finlands President Niinistö unconstitutionally dabbled in interior politics  Læs/read

The oldest living couple in Iceland has a combined age of 197  Læs/read

18 years after Kursk disaster, a sister ship show off sailing all along Norway  Læs/read

Swedish climate study icebreaker reaches North Pole  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

European Solidarity Corps: Commission opens new call for project proposals  Læs/read

UNICEF appeals for end to ‘war on children’ in Syria and Yemen  Læs/read

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15. august 2018


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Russia to settle more bills in euros instead of dollars  Read

Bayer shares plunge on Monsanto ruling  Read

Can EU steelmakers cope with US tariffs?  Read

Trump’s Secret War on Terror  Read

Trump Tweets Support For Harley-Davidson Boycott  Read

D. Trump policies 'destroying economic growth,' Read

Veganism may be unsustainable in the future  Read

Jewish leaders question timing of EU summit  Read

Counting the cost of Brexit inaction  Read

EU vows to thwart Trump’s sanctions on Iran  Read

The Country of Hunger: A State of Deep Suffering in Venezuela's Hospitals  Read

Why the Wildfires of 2018 Have Been So Ferocious  Read

Trump and Putin share many more goals than just Trump’s election  Read

Turkish lira crisis: Central bank action fails to quell contagion fears  Read

Nine best destinations for the ultimate ethical animal experiences - pictures  Read

Edinburgh is the best city for pop fans  Read

Woodward and Bernstein: Watergate echoes loud in Donald Trump era  Read

Sweltering cities: Heat: the next big inequality issue  Read

Pictures: The Sea Gals swim the Channel  Read

Pictures: Dome sweet dome: the glory of Rome  Read

Pictures: The week in wildlife  Read

Video: Hands on with the iPhone X rival that no one cares about – but should  Read

Video: Police forces are ‘failing the public’ due to cuts, UK Police Federation chief warns  Read

Video: India's campaigning Miss World  Read

Video: Bride wades up the aisle during flood  Read

Video: Platform collapses into sea at music festival in Spain  Read

Art & design: The architects who put animals on the team  Read

Fashion: The best jeans for all ages  Read

Film: From Birth of a Nation to BlacKkKlansman - Hollywood’s complex relationship with the KKK  Read

Games: Fortnite on Android - How it works and what it's like to play  Read

Stage: Ballet Ireland bring out the Hammer horror in a romantic classic  Read

Travel: Ten Top Tips - A local’s guide to Trieste  Read

Recipe: Four favourite  Read

Tivoli Gardens celebrates 175th anniversary  Læs/read

One-third would back Finland's Nato membership on President's say-so  Læs/read

Farms evacuated under Norway's 'moving mountain'  Læs/read

Algal bloom a problem for drinking water in Sweden  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

ExxonMobil's private dinner with Cyprus' top EU brass  Læs/read

Trump attacks on press near ‘incitement to violence,’ says UN human rights chief  Læs/read

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14. august 2018


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Globe rallies newspapers to protect free press from Trump attacks  Read

Her tour of grief is over: Whale mother finally lets dead newborn calf go after 17 days  Read

The fastest-sinking city in the world  Read

Searing heat could make countries in North Africa and along the Persian Gulf unlivable  Read

Germany cracking down on armed far-right Reichsbürger  Read

Monsanto to pay $289 million to cancer patient over Roundup weed killer  Read

Michael Moore: FAHRENHEIT 11/9 World Premiere - Watch Trailer Video  Read

Baby squirrel chases man so relentlessly he calls police  Read

Salt Might Not Be as Bad for You as Previously Thought  Read

Russia Making Moves in 'Battle for Africa'  Read

Canada appeals for support in Saudi Arabia row  Read

Jeremy Corbyn’s Anti-Semitism Crisis in UK  Read

Taking regular saunas seems to transform your health  Read

I'm a part-time doctor earning $250,000 a year and I plan to retire next year at age 43  Read

UK poll suggests Brits would now vote Remain  Read

Climate strategy needs tailoring to poorest  Read

EU official proposed covering up wifi portal flaw  Read

Why your summer city break is as bad as smoking  Read

Trump’s inner circle gets whiter  Read

Italy’s Catholics flock to the right  Read

The myth of the EU’s apolitical competition rule book  Read

Erdogan calls Putin as Turkish currency tumbles  Read

More than 100 seats that backed Brexit now want to remain in EU  Read

Unhinged fallout - Trump calls former aide 'a lowlife' after memoir claims racial slurs  Read

Stigmatised, marginalised - Life inside Denmark’s official ghettos  Read

The Edinburgh festival would be a joy if it weren’t for tick-list tourists  Read

What is happening in Romania is not democracy  Read

German student expelled from China after making human rights film  Read

Can Taiwan counter China's mounting pressure?  Read

Middle East: Cynicism as reason of state  Read

The extreme weather in Sweden has taken a toll on its good looks - visible from space - pictures  Read

There's a 95% chance the world will warm beyond a crucial tipping point — here's what that means  Read

Pussy Riot defy Moscow and turn up in Edinburgh - video  Read

Charlottesville Anniversary: White Supremacy Didn’t Invade. It Was Always Here  Read

Bells will ring out: World to mark end of First World War  Read

World’s cartoonists on this week’s events  Read

Pictures: A garden alive with art: all-natural insect sculptures  Read

Pictures: Spring/summer 2019 -The key menswear trends  Read

Pictures: Meteor shower lights up skies over Europe  Read

Pictures: The 20 photographs of the week  Read

Pictures: City2Surf competitors and costumes in Sydney's big fun run  Read

Pictures: Buddhist monks in the Himalayas get ready for winter  Read

Pictures: Dome sweet dome - The glory of Rome  Read

Video: Omagh bomb choir 20 years on  Read

Video: Could Beirut soon become the new Cat capital of the Middle East?  Read

Video: Hair, hair - Users applaud razor ad that shows women actually shaving  Read

Video: 'One person can matter' - Five ways to fight for your cause  Read

Video: The girl who beat the skin colour bullies  Read

Video: Hacking the US mid-terms? It's child's play  Read

Video: What do Russians think of Banksy?  Read

Video: Is this city the most polluted on earth?  Read

Art & design: World Architecture Festival 2018 - in pictures  Read

Art & design: Balls review – what Heathcliff's mum did next  Read

Fashion: Summer’s hot fashion tip - Get your rubber gloves on  Read

Film: ‘The only mainstream queer female stories have been directed by men – it disgusts me’  Read

Games: Fortnite is coming to Android phones – but not through Google Play  Read

Stage: Gambling in a theatre-casino won't help us understand the banking crisis  Read

Travel: Great Danes - The Denmark of Hamlet and Karen Blixen  Read

Recipe: Cauliflower soup with smoky baba ghanoush  Read

Intrigues on Denmark's right could cost election victory  Læs/read

Radio programme by Kim Wall's mother released as a podcast in English  Læs/read

US State Dept cable accuses Russia of stoking distrust in Finland  Læs/read

Norwegian 71-yr-old in naked protest against cruise ships  Læs/read

Swedish Nazi arrested for planned murder of journalists  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Some EU states face delays in 5G preparation  Læs/read

UN: The world’s young people need safe spaces – both physical and digital  Læs/read

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13. august 2018


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