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Robbery: Cum-ex tax scandal cost European treasuries billions  Read

Jamal Khashoggi case: Turkish police 'search forest'  Læs/read

Journalist's disappearance: Last column published  Read

'The Saudis will find a scapegoat' for Khashoggi, says exiled  Read

Is fintech the latest weapon in the fight against poverty?  Read

Brexit frustration as May offers EU leaders nothing new Read

Legal text for Brexit relocation EU agencies agreed  Read

No Brexit backstop means no approval  Read

Unionists plan ‘guerilla war’ against Northern Ireland Brexit plan  Read

Whatever happened to Brexit architect David Cameron?  Read

What do people in other countries think of Brexit?  Read

Young people won’t forgive those who deny us a vote on this botched Brexit  Read

Nordea reported to Denmark investigators over money laundering  Læs/read

Elite GOP get cozy with fascists  Read

Use of Ricin: Is This Amateur Hour?  Read

'I live in fear': Under Trump, life for America's immigrants can change in a flash  Read

Extreme weather have stripped trees of their leaves into blooming months early  Read

People’s rebellion is the only way to fight climate breakdown  Read

Dramatic slowdown in global growth of internet access  Read

VW planning on diesel cull through trade-ins  Read

Apple Finally Lets You Download All Your Data  Read

Touch Me Not review – body image quest ends in Euro-hardcore  Read

World’s Oldest Fossils Aren’t Actually Fossils  Read

What I learned scavenging for empty bottles for a day  Read

Pictures: Unveiling the history of the headscarf  Read

Pictures: A bread train and a human chain  Look

Pictures: Street Art  Look

Video: 'In rehearsals it worked every time ’ - Banksy on incomplete shredding of Girl With Balloon  Look

Video: Landmines: Will they continue to kill thousands?  Look

Video: The little lion cub raised by a dog  Look

Video: Nimble bear manages to open car door  Look

Fashion: V&A to stage UK’s largest ever Christian Dior exhibition  Read

Film: A Star Is Born isn't sexist or 'rockist' – it's a cutting insight into so-called 'authenticity'  Read

Games: Not just Wallace and Gromit - Aardman unleashes astonishing war game  Read

Travel: 10 of the best things to do in Palm Springs, California  Read

Recipe: Four autumnal recipes  Read

Copenhagen cemetery gets Buddhist section  Læs/read

Pro-Kremlin online harassment on trial in Finland  Læs/read

US marines train in Iceland  Læs/read

Cod is great, but Norwegian-Russian quotas will be cut  Læs/read

Sweden's Migration Agency backtracks over deportation order for 6-year-old legal orphan  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

International action against large-scale VAT fraud  Læs/read

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19. oktober 2018

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Italians and Czechs least favourable to remaining in EU
and a majority of 53 percent in the UK would now vote to remain in EU  Read

No progress at Brexit summit, talks continue  Read

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside at Istanbul's Saudi consulate  Read

'Meat tax' to fight climate change?  Read

Democracy in danger: Elections are easy to manipulate  Read

US-China tensions soar as 'new cold war' heats up  Read

Another two ice-breaking LNG carriers are on their maiden voyage in Arctic waters  Read

Nordic region's top bank in new Russia funds complaint  Read

Jamal Khashoggi: Trump denies giving cover to Saudis as audio handed to US  Read

Bill Gates launches effort to help the world adapt to climate change  Read

U.S. Automakers Double Down on Trucks & SUVs, Despite Talk of a Cleaner Future  Read

Facebook hack set to be first major test of EU data rules  Read

‘Citizenship for sale’ under increasing scrutiny from governments and security agencies  Read

Why the market should expect Saudi Arabia to send oil prices lower over journalist's disappearance  Read

Will Brexit ruin Brits' French dreams?  Read

Israel defense chief calls for devastating blow for Hamas  Read

US sanctions Iran networks over child soldiers  Read

Afghanistan is not safe for children  Read

Chinese vaccine firm punished for rabies vaccine scandal  Read

Female abuse rife in Europe's halls of power  Read

Stephen Hawking feared that a rich, 'superhuman' species is set to end humanity  Read

Euromaxx puts European creative stars in the production seat  Read

Obama's former photographer throws 'Shade' in new book  Read

Pictures: Wildlife photographer of the year people's choice award  Look

Pictures: Judi! Edna! Glenda! Women who lit up the 70s  Look

Pictures: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 – the winners  Look

Video: The people who clean your Facebook  Look

Video: Hands-on with Facebook's new home gadget  Look

Video: US Senator hits back at Donald Trump by releasing DNA test  Look

Video: French leftwinger reacts angrily to police raids  Look

Video: Pepper the robot answers MPs' questions  Look

Fashion: Meghan’s maternity wardrobe - What does a modern duchess wear?  Read

Film: London film festival - They Shall Not Grow Old – electrifying journey into the first world war  Read

Games: Neon and corporate dystopias - Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?  Read

Travel: Fukushima turns to tourism after nuclear meltdown  Read

Recipe: Spicy pork with nduja and spinach  Read

Mysterious animal found without legs, feet in Danish forest  Læs/read

Lawyers in Danish embezzlement case could file complaints against media  Læs/read

Radioactive material found in scrap metal at Lapland plant  Læs/read

Icelandic silk produced in a garage  Læs/read

The train operator is slaughtered by UK customers  Læs/read

American forced to leave Sweden despite running successful brewery  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

EESC calls for greater involvement of civil society in EU external action  Læs/read

UN: ‘Virginity testing’ - a human rights violation, with no scientific basis  Læs/read

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18. oktober 2018

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As the World Burns, US-Republicans Remind Us Climate Change Denial Is Alive and Well  Read

Climate change could cause 'severe' global beer shortage  Read

Pompeii: Vesuvius eruption may have been later than thought  Read

Germany deports 9/11 accomplice  Read

Tug-of-war over memorial to slain journalist  Read

US Marines launch exercise in northern Norway ahead of Trident Juncture  Read

Flash floods kill 10 in southwest France  Read

Understanding East Germany: A never-ending look at the past  Read

EU paves way for Russia sanctions  Read

Bangladesh's 'death squad' security agency to scan social media  Read

Ecuador demands Julian Assange stay out of politics, look after cat  Read

Turning plastic into paving stones in Ghana  Read

Germany reopens one of its biggest neo-Nazi trials  Read

Poland snipes at EU border guard plan  Read

Italy unrepentant as it throws down the gauntlet to Brussels over spending  Read

The Trump administration's withdrawal from world affairs is causing chaos, ex-NATO chief says  Read

Brexit standoff continues before EU summit  Read

How to break the Brexit impasse: Reunite Ireland  Read

Donald Tusk: No-deal Brexit ‘more likely than ever’  Read

UK to lose dozens of trade deals in event of ‘no-deal’ Brexit  Read

A European IMF - The New Face of the Eurozone Bailout Fund  Read

Operation Mekong - China Solidifies Its Influence in Southeast Asia  Read

Speak to Your New Baby the Way You'd Speak to Your Older Kids  Read

Trump-Themed Dating App Reportedly Leaks Personal Data Hours After Launch  Read

Hungary's homeless ban: When poverty becomes a crime  Read

Holidays with the doctor: Medical tourism in Hungary  Read

Pictures: Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)  Look

Pictures: The week in wildlife  Look

Video: Virtual lives - Could VR change how we think of others?  Look

Video: How Brexit could affect travel  Look

Video: Chicken nuggets grown in a lab  Look

Video: Where families buy rotten meat to eat  Look

Fashion: Designers take rugs from the floor to the catwalk  Read

Film: The Mummy - The story of the world's most expensive movie poster  Read

Games: 'Playing on national pride': eSports is coming home at the Overwatch World Cup  Read

Travel: New York - How to join the world's greatest Halloween parade  Read

Recipe: Roasted squash and farro salad  Read

Seven out of ten Danes contacted by cyber scammers: Microsoft  Læs/read

Money down the drain: The hidden costs of plumbing renovations in Finland  Læs/read

Iceland Ranked Second in Online Entertainment Purchasing  Læs/read

Non-vaccinated personnel in Norway risk their jobs in the Health Service  Læs/read

For the first time, Swedes have overtaken Americans  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Tusk: May should come with new Brexit proposals  Læs/read

Here’s what the UN is doing to fix ‘intolerable’ wrong of hunger  Læs/read

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17. oktober 2018

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Turkish police has now left the Saudi consulate  Read

Donald Trump says 'rogue killers' may have murdered Khashoggi  Read

Saudi Arabia stands accused of the sort of actions it usually calls out the Islamic Republic for carrying out  Read

IPCC climate change report: What does it mean and how will it affect our lives?  Read

It’s bad news folks, but maybe this new climate change report will galvanise some real action  Read

Russia's largest landing ship to sail north through major NATO exercise  Read

Soon no more capelin on Barents dinner tables  Read

Italy ends beacon 'Riace model' for migrant integration  Read

A right-wing surge in South America?  Read

EU-UK Brexit deal talks paused  Read

A key Brexit breakthrough could happen next week: Here's what you need to know  Read

UK firms could soon have to reveal their ethnicity pay gap  Read

Dolphins forced to break into nets to find food by overfishing in the Mediterranean  Read

Learning with Global Ideas  Read

How to stop the rot in drug discovery?  Read

Hong Kong protesters decry plans for artificial islands  Read

Paris plans to open city halls for homeless in winter  Read

Millions of migratory birds in Germany draw nature lovers  Read

Gold, garbage and guns in the highest town on earth  Read

Pictures: Landscape photographer of the year 2018 – in pictures  Look

Pictures: Dreams to doodlebombs – contemporary female artists at the Not 30% fair  Look

Video: The homeless man  Look

Video: Kerala floods - Tribal chief who refuses to leave the forest  Look

Video: The Venetians trying to reclaim Venice  Look

Video: Puffin patrol - The children saving Iceland's pufflings  Look

Fashion: Men’s fashion autumn/winter 2018 - The 10 best men's coats and jackets?  Read

Film: Eco-pioneers in the 1970s - How aerospace workers tried to save their jobs and the planet  Read

Games: Pict warriors and balloon-headed clowns - The 11 best games on Xbox One  Read

Travel: Travelling solo is sheer joy - do it while you still can  Read

Recipe: Deliciously light parsnip bread, aromatic aubergine dip and grilled winter leaf salad  Read

Danish researchers to test whether winter bathing can burn fat  Læs/read

Nearly one-in-ten Finnish MPs report being bullied on the job Læs/read

Experience the unique Icelandic horse  Læs/read

Norway sheep farmer got 2 Euro cent per kilo  Læs/read

Swedish PM Stefan Löfven gets second try at breaking political deadlock  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

It's time for the EU to stand up to transnational corporations  Læs/read

Trump's UN ambassador pick will show whether Pompeo and Bolton are taking control of foreign policy  Læs/read

UN: With rapid, far-reaching changes, world can prevent climate change worst-case scenarios Læs/read

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16. oktober 2018

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US political activist and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader: Donald Trump is 'a clear and imminent danger' to the world  Read

Trump goes wild: 6 Of The Wildest Moments From Hus ‘60 Minutes’ Interview  Read

The only rocket that takes humans to space has been grounded until "spring"  Read

Global hunger relief back-tracking, especially in war zones  Read

Will the Khashoggi case make Saudi Arabia a rogue state?  Read

EU looks at Morocco and Tunisia to offload migrants  Read

Five Burgers And Milk companies have a climate footprint bigger than Exxon, Shell or BP  Read

How chemical weapons have helped bring Assad close to victory  Read

Trump accepts the climate is changing, but does not want to "lose millions of jobs"  Read

Donald Trump slams EU trade relationship: 'Nobody treats us much worse than the EU'  Read

'Massive losses' for Merkel Bavaria ally  Read

Greens gain big in Bavaria  Read

EU-UK Brexit deal talks put on ice  Read

Norway expands the scope of landslide and flood warning  Read

More warm temperature records broken in Norway  Read

Hurricane Leslie causes widespread damage in Portugal  Read

Russian town hires cat chief to attend to strays  Read

How to Do Everything But Delete Your Facebook Profile  Read

All Porsche 911s Will Go Widebody Next Year  Read

Hot off the press! Right wing newspaper offers pistol deal in Italy  Read

Plastic waste and the recycling myth  Read

Pictures: Japan's female sailors on frontline of gender equality  Look

Video: Alec Baldwin: 'Playing The Boss Baby is more fun than playing Trump'  Look

Video: Inebriated kereru pigeons binge on fruit punch  Look

Video: 'Fly me to the moon? No thanks'  Look

Fashion: Face time - Is makeup for men the next big beauty trend?  Read

Film: What's the point of making Australian films if nobody gets to see them?  Read

Games: Red Dead Redemption 2: Three hours with the most anticipated game of the year  Read

Travel: On the Mersey beat - A walking tour of Liverpool  Read

Recipe: Drop scones  Read

Russian banker murder 'linked' to Danske Bank scandal  Læs/Read

Germany extends border controls with Austria and Denmark  Læs/read

Finnish hospitals see more babies born to mothers with FGM  Læs/read

18 pictures of magical Mývatnssveit in North Iceland  Læs/read

Norway accuses foreign nationals of 1993 'Satanic Verses' attack  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Nordic design sets the stage at COP24  Læs/read

The vital bioeconomy - New issue of “Sustainable Growth the Nordic Way” out now  Læs/read

The Nordic gender effect goes international  Læs/read

State of the Nordic Region presented in Brussels  Læs/read

Europe to change fuel pump labels — what you need to know  Læs/read

Severe rights abusers get seats on UN Human Rights Council  Læs/read

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15. oktober 2018

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Black holes and soft hair - Why Stephen Hawking's final work is important  Read

The long, long read: Could populism actually be good for democracy?  Read

World stock markets dive as Trump attacks 'crazy' US rate hikes  Read

The head of the International Monetary Fund defends rate hikes after Trump's Fed attack  Read

German government set to cut growth outlook  Read

Climate change will make the next global crash the worst  Read

A Dire U.N. Report Warns Of Ruinous Global Warming - US Republicans Say It’s ‘Fantasy’  Read

Huge reduction in meat-eating ‘essential’ to avoid climate breakdown  Read

Plant-based diets needed to limit climate change  Read

UN counts the costs of climate related disasters  Read

Crown Prince Ordered Effort To Bring Jamal Khashoggi Back To Saudi Arabia  Read

Jamal Khashoggi: Details of alleged Saudi hit squad emerge - video  Read

Now Brexit really is threatening to tear the UK apart  Read

Mediterranean crossings deadlier than ever, new UNHCR report warns  Read

Russia a threat to European stability  Read

Nazis' stolen 'loan' from Greek bank - Will Germany pay it back?  Read

'You are very dangerous', Orban tells Erdogan!  Read

CSU in Crisis: What Went Wrong for Bavarian Conservatives?  Read

Germany's Extremism Problem: Officials Zero In on Neo-Nazi Terror Cell  Read

Facebook can influence elections, but Netflix can influence hearts and minds  Read

Please Don’t Post Your Potentially Felonious Crimes to Facebook!  Read

OMG, the Trailer For Kurt Russell's Santa Claus Movie Is Finally Here  Read

If You Don’t Like the Pixel 3 XL’s New Notch, Google Says You Can Hide It  Read

Speak out to protect Bulgaria's women  Read

Women suffer more from depression than men in EU countries  Read

Should everyone be taking vitamin D?  Read

‘You have to go through the darkness before you get to the light’  Read

1 out of 2 writers in Germany report personal attacks  Read

Deadly Cyclone Titli pounds eastern India  Read

Pictures: Inside the psychiatric hospitals and churches of rural China  Look

Pictures: Castellers, human towers of Catalonia  Look

Pictures: Made up places and costly mistakes - A history of unfortunate maps  Look

Video: Mongol Rally - Manchester to Russia in a Fiat Panda  Look

Video: The children on the frontline of climate change  Look

Video: Mallorca hit by deadly flash floods  Look

Video: Hurricane Michael pounds Florida  Look

Video: ‘It was terrifying’ - Residents describe Hurricane Michael  Look

Video: Tsunami floods into Indonesian city in terrifying new footage  Look

Fashion: Goofy, CDs and dogwear – our pick of the new H&M x Moschino collection  Read

Film: Suicide Squad  Read

Games: Will the new Sherlock Holmes escape room be the best in Britain?  Read

Travel: Fixing the Fells - The campaign to save the paths of Scafell Pike  Read

Recipe: Pappa al pomodoro with mozzarella and ’nduja!  Read

Danish Jews recall desperate escape from Nazis, 75 years on  Læs/read

The hidden costs of plumbing renovations in Finland  Læs/read

Danish grass imported for a restoration project in Reykjavík  Læs/read

Norway shows goodwill to China  Læs/read

Autumn, what autumn? Southern Sweden basks in summer weather  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Eurojust supports dismantling of football money-laundering network  Læs/read

UN resolution paves way for mass use of driverless cars  Læs/read

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12. oktober 2018

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What would an age-friendly city look like?  Read

World in mental health crisis of 'monumental suffering'  Read

Emergency workers being hired to handle post-Brexit disruption  Read

Homeless in Hungary fear they are the rightwing Viktor Orbán's next target  Read

'Manifesto for London' event discussed plans to slash free travel for older Londoners  Read

Britain condemns Hong Kong's banning of UK journalist  Read

Critics of Saudi regime are at risk – wherever they may be  Read

‘Vile hatred, hero worship': Christine Blasey Ford faces an unsettling future  Read

'Complete equality': Refugees find a home - and citizenship - in Guinea-Bissau  Read

Dozens of refugees feared drowned in Mediterranean after waiting more than 36 hours for rescue  Read

Melting glaciers at Novaya Zemlya contain radiation from nuclear bomb tests  Read

Nikki Haley, Donald Trump's global enabler, was no moderate  Read

AfD wants kids to tell on their teachers  Read

Many far-right Reichsbürger still armed  Read

IMF: Risks to global financial system rise  Read

Hard Brexit could trigger 'massive crisis'  Read

5 biggest obstacles to a Brexit deal  Read

Visually impaired man thrown out of supermarket in France over guide dog  Read

EU vs Disinfo: Going Off Script, RT Style  Read

Nationalize Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg can’t protect our data  Read

‘I know nothing’: Trump’s stance toward missing Saudi journalist sparks concern  Read

Google is appealing its $5 billion EU antitrust fine over Android  Read

Of course: Donald Trump Casts Doubt On New UN Report - That Sounds Climate Change Alarm  Read

Do we want climate catastrophe or not?  Read

You can help avoid climate catastrophw  Read

Climate change: EU to seek stricter car emissions cut by 2030  Read

Shell boss says mass reforestation needed to limit temperature rises to 1.5C  Read

Pictures: We Feed the World - Photo stories of farmers fighting climate change in five continents  Look

Pictures: Urban eye - Life in Amsterdam's biggest squat  Look

Pictures: Bark if you want to stop Brexit - "Wooferendum"  Look

Video: How to survive a major storm  Look

Video: Tsunami survivors fear the future... and the dark  Look

Video: Baby whale rescued from shark net  Look

Video: Nikki Haley and Donald Trump "praise" each other after her resignation  Look

Video: Donald Trump pushes Ivanka's suitability for UN ambassador role  Look

Fashion: The 80s hair salon that styled the future of fashion  Read

Film: From the streets to the screen - How Hollywood is tackling police brutality  Read

Games: Unmanned - A video game about the unseen horror of drone warfare  Read

Travel: Go it alone - Solo trips on the rise as travellers opt for ‘me time’  Read

Recipe: How to cook the perfect pasta al pomodoro  Read

Employee at Danish social welfare authority embezzled 111 million kroner  Læs/read

Finland's top 5 housing problems  Læs/read

Iceland's Search-and-Rescue Fleet to be Renewed  Læs/read

Autumn darkness in Norway can be fatal – don a reflex!  Læs/read

Life expectancy gap grows in Sweden  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

EU ministers seek slightly more ambition in CO2 cars bill  Læs/read

Start nurturing your mental health ‘at an early age’ urges UN chief  Læs/read

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11. oktober 2018

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