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Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are rattled. And two women, one on each side of the Atlantic, are leading the way, little by little, to crack big tech’s veneer of invincibility  Read

The briefing: When do the clocks change around the world? And why?  Read
Boris J. looks to promise to make UK ‘greatest place on earth’ - but what about Trump's "great again"?  Read
Boris Johnson in final push to ram through Brexit deal  Read
Facebook discloses operations by Russia and Iran to meddle in 2020 election  Read
Canada election 2019: Justin Trudeau looks set to hold on to power after tight election race  Read
China overtakes US in rankings of world's richest people  Read
Watch what would happen if all the ice on Earth melted overnight  Read
Slovakia: Four people charged over murder of investigative journalist  Read
Estonia’s Russian reset  Read
EU’s Balkan breakdown reveals split among leaders  Read
Twitch "Watch Parties" Let Me Stream Movies to the Viewers I Don't Have  Read
The lost river - The mighty waterway taken by the US  Read
How Macron tried to fix Facebook - and failed  Read
Welcome to Manc-hattan: How the city sold its soul for luxury skyscrapers  Read
Nature-based solutions can help protect us from climate-related natural hazards  Read
Gibraltar heads to the polls amid no-deal Brexit fears  Read
Meet the most powerful woman in Washington not named Nancy  Read
Erdogan condemns Trump letter: ‘We haven’t forgotten’  Read
Greece’s half-miracle  Read
Facebook's Top Priority is Totally Its Government-Ordered Privacy Program  Read
Information theory as a forensics tool for investigating climate mysteries  Read
What would happen if we actually detonated a nuclear bomb inside of a hurricane, Mr. Trump  Read
Here's a full reading of the phone call memo between Trump and Ukraine  Read
A law professor about the likelihood of a Trump impeachment  Read
China's defense minister says resolving 'Taiwan question' is greatest national interest  Read
Russian hackers used Iranian cover to attack UK  Read
Lady in red: Bosnian has kept to the same colour all her adult life  Read
World's oldest pearl were traded in ancient Mesopotamia  Read
Northern Ireland faces decriminalization of abortion  Read
New campaign reveals Europe's most-wanted female fugitives  Read
Why isn't Germany taking over the moon?  Read
Australia's newspapers go dark to protest censorship  Read

Mind over Managing: The end of pessimism  Læs/read

Researcher: “If there’s a worker with a Finnish name, they'll probably be hired”  Læs/read
Dog in Search of Money  Læs/read
#MySweden: 'Swedes are cool and have a unique approach to life'  Læs/read
Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read


Fashion: Living above Leonardo’s vineyard is a constant source of inspiration  Read
Film: Meet the new directors who lit up the film festivals  Read
Games: Retro games - Weird Dreams in Granny's Garden (A brief history of cursed video games)  Read
Travel: Powder sharing agreement: Plans to create Italy’s biggest ski area  Read
Recipe: Fried fish with a delicious and piquant herb-rich pea puree  Read

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22. oktober 2019

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WORLD Headlines:
Unlicensed medical 'cures' are flourishing in closed Facebook groups, where cancer treatments and even surgery are sold beyond the reach of the law  Read

The Triumph of the Autocrats: What the Syrian Debacle Means for the Middle East and Europe  Read
Google's Smart Home Doorbell Sounds Terrifying (Or At Least, It Will Soon)  Read
Brexit: No 10 to push again for vote on Boris Johnson's deal  Read
Chile protests: Five dead after looters torch garment factory  Read
Refugee Success Stories: Finding a New Life in Germany  Read
Climate Change Ground Zero: Melting Permafrost Imperils Arctic Residents  Read
Never Again? The Halle Attack and Everyday Anti-Semitism in Germany  Read
Has the wind been taken from the sails of Europe's renewable future?  Read
Europe halted arm exports to Turkey but why haven't they done the same for Saudi Arabia?  Read
Nato's inability to react to Turkey a 'mistake'  Read
EU Commission: Facebook's Libra needs international approach  Read
Friends with benefits: Donald and Rudy’s long, strange bond  Read
Facebook's Top Priority is Totally Its Government-Ordered Privacy Program  Read
Distressing footage: Animal cruelty activist films undercover at German testing laboratory  Read
UK couple held at airport security after cat climbs in luggage bound for New York  Read
Boris Johnson sends an unsigned letter to the EU requesting a Brexit delay  Read
Explainer: How is Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal different?  Read
Europe reacts to the vote that could delay Brexit after Boris Johnson's latest defeat in Parliament  Read
British people would rather stop Brexit than leave the EU with Boris Johnson's deal  Read
Boris Johnson refuses to reveal how badly his Brexit deal will hurt the UK economy  Read
Ahead of Brexit, Brit galleries head for Paris  Read
Brexit show extended for another season  Read
Italy's far-right leader Salvini pledges return to power at Rome rally  Read
Dirty food: 5 of the most common causes of food poisoning  Read
Inside Europe: Mont Blanc glacier on brink of collapse  Read
Inside Europe: Gelato with a sustainable difference  Read
Horses, handshakes and bad edits: The dos and don’ts of political photo-ops  Read
World’s cartoonists on this week’s events  Read

Denmark to become a beacon for a greener future?  Læs/read

Silhouette of bear and raven wins Finnish nature photo prize  Læs/read
Gender-Based Violence in Alþingi  Læs/read
Sweden's Moderates to slash spending on 'biased' state TV  Læs/read
Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Can universal rights to dignity and privacy withstand the consequences of climate change in the coming decades?  Læs/read
Global economy: ‘we must do everything possible’ to avoid global ‘fracture’ caused by US-China tensions  Læs/read

Fashion: Fashion for all ages: The best winter coats for all ages  Read
Film: Meet the new directors who lit up the film festivals  Read
Games: From Cyberpunk 2077 to The Outer Worlds: Are role-playing games getting too predictable?  Read
Travel: Paris’s digital art museum launches ambitious interactive competition  Read
Recipe: Polish recipes for an autumn feast  Read

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21. oktober 2019

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