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Midsummer from Scandinavia to Spain - the year's longest day and shortest night  Read

Kasper Schmeichel breaks dad’s Denmark record but puts wins first  Read

Instagram launches video streaming service to rival YouTube  Read

The 10 most important things in the world right now  Read

Health News: Why do we crave chips?  Read

Children exposed to 30% more vehicle exhaust pollution than adults  Read

Eels are getting high on cocaine in Britain's drug-polluted rivers  Read

Fake versions of game spread across internet ahead of release date  Read

Aliens could 'harness stars to keep powering their civilisations'  Read

Trade War: Volvo boss warns Trump against 'going back to 19th century' on trade  Read

WhatsApp will stop working on millions of older iPhones  Read

I’ve been to heaven - in a garden centre  Read

Uber sent its employees about using its legal team to help separated families on the Mexico border  Read

Microsoft sent another memo to employees about the company's work for ICE and Trump's 'zero-tolerance' policy  Read

The internet is projected to surpass TV in 2019 as people's favorite source of media  Read

France battles to topple Britain as Europe’s top tech nation  Read

Spanish royals have tea with the Trumps  Read




How China could hit the U.S. where it hurts  Read

You should think of life as an 'unfinished book'  Read

There’s a ‘dumb reason’ why PlayStation and Xbox gamers can’t play online together  Read

All the rights EU citizens in the UK are set to lose after Brexit  Read

Brexit poses 'significant risk' to personal finances of 36 million people in Europe  Read

Europe’s democrats must unite to prevent a far-right takeover  Read

Dear America, we can teach you about cruelty to refugees. Love, Australia  Read

UK and Poland join forces 'to counter Russian aggression'  Read

Hungary passes 'Stop Soros' bill, defying EU and rights groups  Read

Israel deploys drones to combat incendiary balloons  Read

Will Nicaragua be the next Venezuela?  Read

Bavaria's premier and Austria's chancellor Sebastian Kurz unite on migration  Read

Fake news or whart? Trump outcryon "Child separations is a distraction by Democrats"  Read

Family separation - there's no system in place to reunite parents with their children once they're split up  Read

Exclusive news: James Comey talks Trump, Russia probe and FBI legacy  Read

As U.S. Withdraws, Russia Seeks UN Human Rights Council Seat  Read

Pictures: Humanity's devastating effect on the planet in 19 photos  Read

Pictures: LED pigeons and a rescue wallaby - Wednesday's top photo  Read

Pictures: Mexico's enduring love of a classic car  Read

Video: FA confirm investigation with British police into video of England fans performing Nazi salutes  Read

Video: Yemen's biggest battle is kept away from cameras  Read

Video: Nikki Haley: US will lead on human rights outside 'misnamed' UN council – video  Read

Video: Meet the body brokers  Read

Video: Treadmill tests show polar bears to be efficient walkers  Read

Video: 'Wheel of Fortune' account  Read

Video: Tiffany is trying to be cool.  Read

Art & design: Planet of the dispossessed – in pictures  Read

Fashion: Bart Simpson is Virgil Abloh's unlikely muse at Off-White in Paris  Read

Film: The Tale - A key film of the #MeToo era deserves more than NowTV  Read

Games: Forget 2018 — early 2019 is full of huge blockbuster games  Read

Games: Active Shooter - this school-shooting video game removed from sale  Read

Stage: Michael Jackson musical to hit Broadway in 2020  Read

Travel: From Stonehenge to Iceland's Arctic Henge, by motorbike – photo essay  Read

Recipe: How to eat like a chef for less than £20 a week  Read

Denmark is most expensive EU country for consumer goods  Læs/read

Danish CO2 emissions expected to increase, despite government plan  Læs/read

Gambling in Finland: From vice to national virtue  Læs/read

Norwegians split over immigration  Læs/read

Bots are suspected to run 1 in 10 Twitter accounts in Sweden – and they could impact the country's election  Læs/read

Uma Thurman hires lawyer to help her apply for Swedish citizenship  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Controversial Copyright Directive Approved by EU Legal Affairs Committee  Læs/read

Use space technology to build a better world for all, urges UN chief  Læs/read

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22. juni 2018


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Lazy, lasagna-loving, Monday-hating Garfield turns 40  Read

What makes the Bachfest in Leipzig so popular  Read

When breaking news is breaking you: How to cope with news anxiety  Read

Prehistoric platypus-like fish reconstructed by scientists  Read

Hadrian’s Wall being damaged by illegal metal detectorists  Read

More than 450 patients died due to opioid drugs policy  Read

'The entire habitat is gone': Hawaii's natural wonders claimed by lava  Read

Many of my childhood friends are dead. Is masculinity to blame?  Read

The transatlantic rift over tech  Read

How the US-China trade war could play out  Read

Inside the Coalition Battle That Could Topple Merkel  Read

Cambridge Analytica-linked academic spurns idea Facebook swayed election  Read

Far-right Italy minister vows 'action' to expel thousands of Roma  Read

Netflix addiction is real – we are entertaining ourselves to death  Read

Would you give up having children to save the planet?  Read

Millennials, more face time could save our lives  Read

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims Nazis did not deport Jews  Read

Shakira selling Nazi-like trinket for El Dorado tour  Read

Paper cups: A silent killer of India's honeybees?  Read

Europe's migration issues help populists prosper  Read

Erdogan has Turkey in his palm as key elections loom  Read

Half of Turks in Germany voted in the 2018 Turkish election  Read

EU committee approves new rules that could 'destroy the internet as we know it'  Read

Gene-edited farm animals are on their way  Read

When breaking news is breaking you: How to cope with news anxiety  Read

EU to launch counter-tariffs against US on Friday  Read

Trump backs down on migrant family separations policy  Read

Pictures: A Tent City for Detained Children in Texas  Read

Pictures: News pictures  Read

Pictures: A week in pictures from BBC  Read

Pictures: Celebrating the flower growers of Britain  Read

Video: Giant 29-lb Cat Rescued from Busy Street  Read

Video: 50 Dogs Saved From Korean Meat Farm Are Recovering Quickly  Read

Video: All Cats Go to Heaven  Read

Video: Ali and the Long Journey to Australia  Read

Video: Bodycam footage shows flat where Grenfell fire started  Read

Video: Democrats heckle Trump: 'Mr President, don't you have kids?  Read

Art & design: 101 uses for a ping-pong table (almost) – in pictures  Read

Fashion: Every woman needs a classic white shirt – here’s how to wear it  Read

Film: Edinburgh film festival  Read

Games: A parents' guide to the most popular video game in schools  Read

Stage: Songs cut out of musicals  Read

Travel: Holiday car hire - 10 simple ways to save this summer  Read

Recipe: Broccoli and ricotta torta  Read

'Denmark's Jantelov is similar to the 'tall poppy syndrome'  Læs/read

Family ties make Faroese women Europe's top baby makers  Læs/read

Smart Cities in Finland  Læs/read

Trend in Finland of financial fraudsters targeting people over the age of 65  Læs/read

Norwegian MP in new media controversy after 'propaganda' over retirement home  Læs/read

Amazon paid a Swedish designer SEK 6.5 million for  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

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21. juni 2018


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Will we stop speaking and just text?  Read

The end to a French cheese tradition?  Read

IBM’s machine argues, pretty convincingly, with humans  Read

Migration Is Down, Crime Is Low, but Merkel Is in Trouble  Read

US quits 'biased' UN human rights council - video  Read

There’s Something Fishy About U.S.-Canada Trade Wars  Read

Trump tariffs: US escalates trade threats to China  Read

Why China is targeting US hogs and Harleys  Read

US tariffs a dangerous game, says EU  Read

This Trump makes false claims about crime rates in Germany 18h ago  Read

How refugees see CSU/Seehofer's migration plan  Read

Angela rises from the ashes  Read

Thomas Mann was disappointed by America's populism  Read

Australia and EU eye new trade deal  Read

5 ways the world's fastest supercomputer could change the world  Read

European competition czar Margrethe Vestager grabs headlines aned Germany’s antitrust chief charting new waters  Read

A Choice Between Cruelty and Mercy  Read

Spain to exhume Franco's remains and turn site into place of 'reconciliation'  Read

Transatlantic relationship at risk, says Nato chief  Read

Major credit card companies are cutting their perks  Read

'Violent extremism is becoming a new global norm'  Read

Winners and losers in the race to meet the Paris climate goals  Read

The sorry lives of India's captive elephants  Read

Pictures: Politics of Seeing at Barbican Centre  Read

Pictures: Sketches of festival life – in pictures  Read

Pictures: Between war and peace: Ukrainian youth – in pictures  Read

Video: The Viking Trail of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada! Adventure Awaits You  Read

Video: Icebergs Lure Tourists to Tiny Newfoundland Town  Read

Video: ‘I Wanted to Take My Body Off’: Detransitioned  Read

Video: We must have American dominance in space, says Donald Trump  Read

Video: Elephant calf born at Western Plains zoo  Read

Video: A tour of North Korea's answer to Disneyland  Read

Art & design: See the world differently – in pictures  Read

Fashion: Armani and Fendi go back to the 80s at Milan fashion week men's  Read

Film: What do wilderness films tell us about our sheltered lifestyles?  Read

Games: Inside a gaming addiction treatment centre  Read

Stage: The End  Read

Travel: Canoeing the Vltava in the Czech Republic  Read

Recipe: How to cook the perfect stuffed courgettes  Read

Goodbye Denmark? Faroese weigh pulling free of Danish grip  Læs/read

Finland suspends 20 councillors in Lapland  Læs/read

Mass killer Breivik appeal ruling due at European rights court  Læs/read

Shooting in Malmo leaves two dead, several wounded  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Mother of all EU summits  Læs/read

United Nations: 68.5 million people displaced  Læs/read

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20. juni 2018


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Seven ways to improve your memory  Read

Why are there more clothing lines for dogs than disabled people?  Read

Scientists scramble to stop bananas being killed off  Read

Turkey's Islamists and secularists join forces in bid to unseat Erdogan  Read

'The fool builds walls': China takes aim at Trump trade war threats  Read

Russia upgrading nuclear weapons bunker  Read

Are we running out of water?  Read

The good men: Inside the all-male group taking on modern masculinity  Read

How Fertility add-ons that almost certainly don’t help became a licence to print money  Read

Spanish king's brother-in-law jailed over corruption probe  Read

As US, UK 'retail apocalypse' deepens, EU chains grow nervous  Read

Nuclear weapons are still being developed  Read

The wondrous world of African bugs  Read

The Romanian village without thieves  Read

The biggest fight plaguing Hill Republicans may be Trump vs. Trump  Read

'Incredibles 2' crushes animation record  Read

Ahead of Yulin Dog Meat Festival, U.S. and China Rescue Groups Work to Rescue Dogs  Read

The most provocative quotes from Trump's impromptu White House interviews  Read

How Italy plans to blow up Brussels, but...  Read

Siemens wins £1.5 billion contract to build new London Tube trains  Read

Spiegel: The Bizarre Corruption Scandal at Bilfinger  Read

Grandmother strangles rabid bobcat to death after it attacked her - video  Read

Two-fifths of Russian men 'may not live to see their retirement'  Read

Theresa May to warn social care in UK must wait until 2020 for extra funds  Read

The Force Behind Europe’s Populist Tide: Frustrated Young Adults  Read

Google Invests $550 Million in Chinese Online Shopping Site  Read

The Cities That Never Existed  Read

Alexa Is a Revelation for the Blind  Read

Important TIP – pay in local currency when travelling  Read

The Dark Side of the Crypto Revolution  Read

Pictures: The Mifa Project - DIY stickers of those left out of Panini's World Cup album  Read

Pictures: The best World Cup 2018 photos so far  Read

Pictures: Sunday's best photos - Vespas and inflatables  Read

Video: Fish are eating plastic - and people could be too  Read

Video: The Broken Circle Breakdown - watch the trailer for Belgium's foreign language Oscar entry  Read

Video: Dark Mofo artist Mike Parr rises from under Hobart street  Read

Video: Firefighters remove graffiti after Eurydice Dixon memorial vandalised  Read

Video: Osaka hit by 6.1-magnitude earthquake during rush hour – video report  Read

Art & design: Art and authenticity - fakes and the fate of a stolen work  Read

Fashion: Prada guides Milan through the gaze of the 'sexy boy'  Read

Film: The Tale - a key film of the #MeToo era deserves more than NowTV  Read

Games: My Child Lebensborn review – could you raise a Nazi baby?  Read

Stage: Rudolf Nureyev documentary unearths unseen avant-garde footage  Read

Travel: ‘Vilnius, the G-spot of Europe - Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it, it’s amazing’  Read

Recipe: Milk-braised ragu  Read

SAS moves Hong Kong route from Stockholm to Copenhagen  Læs/read

University of Copenhagen drops again in world university rankings  Læs/read

Finnish Institute: Medical firms selling "tick vaccines" with false advertising  Læs/read

Tales from the world's northernmost pilgrimage  Læs/read

Sweden fans who paid $1,700 for World Cup package left heartbroken after cancelled flight  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Which country is leading the EU's fight against climate change?  Read


UN: Much more than a ‘lifeline’ for millions of households, remittances can spur global growth  Læs/read

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19. juni 2018


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Climate Update: Record temperatures in May  Read

Organic gardening on the rooftops of Monaco - video  Read

First ladies speaks out on Trump separation policy  Read

Scientists dig down to Stonehenges hidden secrets  Read

UK law to protect women from 'upskirting' blocked by solitary Conservative  Read

Row over migrant policy threatens The German CDU-CSU-coalition  Read

Address to European leaders and civil society: The forced odyssey of the Aquarius is a wake-up call  Read

Political panic over Aquarius, migration helps no one  Read

Flashpoint Kashmir and a fearless journalist's murder  Read

Satirical tweet about German conservative union breakup prompts media frenzy  Read

Trump Always Wanted a Trade War - and Now He’s Got Several  Read

Donald Trump's trade spats with Europe, China and NAFTA ? What you need to know  Read

Trump’s next target: NATO  Read

Trump: I want 'my people' to 'sit up at attention' like in North Korea  Read

Huffington Post: Donald Trump Really Wishes He Were A Dictator  Read

Politico-analysis: Donald dreams of dictators  Read

This map shows 3,554 shipwrecks around Ireland as far back as 1530 — and most are a total mystery  Read

The EU believes Theresa May will now accept a soft Brexit  Read

A Google translation isn't enough evidence to send someone to jail, finds the judge in a narcotics case  Read

Apple close a security loophole on iPhones that will prevent police from accessing them  Read

Afghanistan is producing a lot more opium than before the US invasion. The US just can't stop it  Read

Fear of Humans Is Making Animals Around the World Go Nocturnal  Read

The World Cup Is Russia’s Latest Makeover Attempt  Read

How the Queen and Meghan Markle Became Besties So Quickly  Read

Former CIA Chief Compares Trump’s Border Policies to Nazi Germany  Read

Fed Up With Brexit? Sorry, It Could Go On for Years  Read

Scientists find 'strong evidence' of what dogs are trying to say with gestures  Read

Royal Navy’s six state-of-the-art Type 45 destroyers spent majority of last year in dock  Read

Think tank calls for Scotland to be excluded from UK immigration targets Read

Why the ‘Classical Liberal’ is Making a Comeback in US  Read

‘He’s just become too angry’: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publisher defends firing cartoonist  Read

No legal action to be taken against German rappers for Auschwitz lyrics  Read

Germany's reporting on asylum-seekers exposes 'latent racism'  Read

In Colombia, it's dangerous to be left wing  Read

Yemeni journalists face death threats, kidnappings  Read

Orbanism is sweeping across the continent  Read

Florida school shooting survivors launch US-wide gun-reform tour  Read

The Dangers of Distracted Parenting  Read

Pictures: World Cup, Skinny-Dippers, Urban Shepherd  Read

Pictures: Best photos of the day  Read

Pictures: The 20 photographs of the week  Read

Video: This is the moment a Banksy print is stolen from a Toronto exhibition  Read

Video: Rollercoaster dangles from tracks after Florida incident hospitalised six  Read

Video: Upskirting happened to me and now I'm fighting to change the law  Read

Video: Iceland fans practise synchronised thunder clap ahead of Argentina match  Read

Video: Will video assistant refereeing improve football?  Read

Video: The Tower Next Doo -r Living in the shadow of Grenfell  Read

Art & design: Teddy boys and teddy girls, 19 June 1955  Read

Fashion: Gucci and chips  Read

Film: How Beyoncé and Jay-Z put a visionary African film back in the spotlight  Read

Games: The 10 biggest video game stories from E3 2018  Read

Stage: What makes a theatre a sanctuary?  Read

Travel: The summer 2018 mini guide to Marseille  Read

Recipe: Creamy chicken, mushroom and parsnip pie  Read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Cult: Tivoli Gardens turns 175 years in August  Læs/read

Oslo and Copenhagen are among the most expensive cities in the world to eat dinner out at a restaurant  Læs/read

Finland decides to terminate its tax treaty with Portugal  Læs/read

Norway youth now 'too lazy' to take Swedes' café jobs  Læs/read

Sweden is a paradise of summer camping  Læs/read

Commission clears Comcast's proposed acquisition of Sky under EU merger rules  Læs/read

On World Day to Combat Desertification, UN shines spotlight on ‘true value’ of land  Læs/read

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18. juni 2018


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Dementia sufferers subjected to 'inhuman and degrading treatment' at care home  Read

Chaotic European weather: Will it be sun cream or raincoats this summer?  Read

Antarctica loses three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years  Read

Religious people live four years longer than atheists  Read

Ex-FBI chief Comey broke norms but not biased - in handling an inquiry into Hillary Clinton's emails  Read

For many Russians, the World Cup is so close and yet so far away  Read

Journalist, who broke Russian doping scandal, warned to skip World Cup  Read

Rise of the Autocrats and wannabes - from Putin to Trump: Liberal Democracy Is Under Attack  Read

As media toolkit grows, so, too, the chance to tackle inequalities  Read

Why are women so hugely underrepresented in senior positions in German business?  Read

Seehofer insists on stricter border checks, while Merkel is focused on an EU-wide strategy  Read

Merkel and Macron present competing EU reform proposals  Read

North Korea sanctions remain until complete denuclearisation, says US  Read

Migrants put mafia mobsters behind bars  Read

Trump leaves Japan in cold on North Korea  Read

Anchor-man argued with Trump about Kim Jong Un's human-rights violations while Trump praised his leadership  Read

The US suicide rate has increased 30% since 2000 — and it tripled for young girls  Read

The G-7 Fiasco: It's Time to Isolate Donald Trump  Read

Germany's answer to 'America First' is 'Europe United'  Read

UN calls for Kashmir inquiry into alleged human rights abuses  Read

Saudi Arabias strike Hodeida: 'Very sad and alarming development'  Read

Stars get naked for the love of fish  Read

May sees off more Brexit challenges in UK Parliament  Read

Hundreds of tons of dead herring wash up on Russian coast  Read

All the Russian football phrases you need to know for the World Cup  Read

Two women switched at birth 72 years ago are reunited  Read

This Swedish app reveals how environmentally friendly your spending habits really are  Read

Poland will face disciplinary hearing on rule-of-law dispute with EU  Read

Why Are People So Unproductive in Short Windows of Time?  Read

Alleged National Action leader 'urged neo-Nazi to kill a UK-Labour MP in terror attack'  Read

Russian politician urges citizens not to 'fornicate' with foreign football fans  Read

Scientists discover three brand new planets hiding in our own galaxy  Read

Hungarian MP proposes law change to make homelessness unconstitutiona  Read

Grenfell: One year after the fire  Read

Pictures: Hyperreal America  Read

Pictures: The boy with the cardboard feet  Read

Pictures: Home is where the art is  Read

Video: Fighting fire with ... goats  Read

Video: The Sprinter Factory  Read

Video: Tube driver halts journey and waves to people holding Grenfell vigil  Read

Video: Six years spying on Julian Assange – video explainer  Read

Video: A grandfather's watch  Read

Video: Close to my heart: A great-grandfather's shell regalia  Read

Art & design: Artist who made his name as a portrait painter  Read

Fashion: When it comes to fashion, Nigeria has already won the World Cup  Read

Film: Film critics overwhelmingly white and male  Read

Games: How to survive in Fortnite if you're old and slow  Read

Stage: English National Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty review  Read

Travel: 10 great white night experiences  Read

Recipe: Quick nyonya fried rice  Read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

If Denmark is so liberal, why was it late to #MeToo?  Læs/read

MPs call for explanation over confidential Denmark-Somalia deal after extortion allegation  Læs/read

Taking the train from Finland to Russia for the World Cup? You might end up in a bus  Læs/read

'Early days' for Trump, Kim Jong Un Nobel speculation, say Norwegian analysts  Læs/read

Sweden is ditching cash – and it has unexpected consequences for owls and orchids  Læs/read

Forgotten Stockholm whalebone pieces reveal hidden information about Viking whaling  Læs/read

Number of MEPs to be reduced after EU elections in 2019  Læs/read

UN urges UK to deliver green Brexit amid fears environmental protections will be abandoned  Læs/read

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15. juni 2018


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