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Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste FE advarer: Hackernes næste mål i Danmark kan blive energiforsyningen  Læs
PET indsamler og gemmer hver en brik i puslespillet om Danmarks sikkerhed  Læs
Hvad gør et medie når myndighederne ikke svarer?  Læs
Folkelede blandt magthavere  Læs
Metals forbundsformand kåres som Årets Europæer  Læs

Could sprinkling sand save the Arctic's shrinking sea ice?  Read
Britain, headquarters of fraud  Read
Earth Day: Time for a plastic-free planet  Read
Jailed photojournalist wins UN press freedom prize  Read
Bajau 'sea nomads' developed enlarged spleens for deep diving  Read
Lions: An apex predator under threat  Read
CoverGirl is ditching its iconic slogan  Read
Danish top exec at $120 billion SAP on how the Nordics can remain relevant and why CTO’s are ‘the new rockstars’  Read
Trump’s French connection  Read
Spiegel-Interview with James Comey: 'What Am I Doing? How Did I End Up Here?'  Read
Andrea Nahles must now reinvent the Social Democrats  Read
'Corruptive activities' in the Council of Europe  Read
'I love tech boys': Chinese job ads mirror sexist attitudes to women  Read
Greece angrily rejects Erdogan's proposed soldier swap  Read
Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam gets 20-year sentence in Belgium  Read
Nicaragua president scraps pension cuts after deadly riots  Read
Colombian sex workers launched a newspaper  Read
OK, robots have passed the Ikea test. Now let them clean our toilets  Read
Google tells Australian regulator it is not contributing to 'the death of journalism'  Read
One in eight bird species is threatened with extinction  Read
Is drinking becoming as socially unacceptable as smoking?  Read
How language changes the colours we see  Read
Everything you ever wanted to know about screen time, likes, and pull-to-refresh  Read
Pictures: Secret women of the Cold War  Read
Pictures: Soviet film posters of the 50s and 60s  Read
Pictures: From pilgrims to pub crooners: Sony world photography awards winners  Read
Pictures: Ugens udvalgte billeder fra JP  Read
Video: The Cold Frontier: A 'human zoo' at China's North Korea border  Read
Video: NASA: Stunning virtual tour of the Lagoon Nebula  Read
Video: Countdown to Kate Middleton's Due Date  Read
Video: Australian violin prodigy, 10, named youngest ever winner at Menuhin Competition  Read
Fashion:Blue blooms: Matisse is having a fashion moment this spring  Read
Film: Tribeca film festival Obey review – powerful, emotional debut dramatises 2011 London riots  Read
Games: The pick of avant-garde festival games  Read
Travel: Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia on the road to recovery  Read
Recipe: Country Women's Association's "Bush casserole"  Read

Future of Europe  Læs/read
UN's Secretary-General hails predecessor Dag Hammarskjöld as ‘my reference and my inspiration’  Læs/read
Danish zoo director advises against wolf 'panic measures'  Læs/read
Norway to reduce supermarket plastic packaging by 400 tonnes  Læs/read
Swedes are driving more than ever  Læs/read

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24. april 2018


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Google klar med næste generation af SMS-beskeden  Læs
Facebook flygter fra EU's nye krav og flytterpå trods af alle løfter 1,5 milliarder europæiske brugere til USA  Læs
Struer-sagen: Kommunaldirektør fik 2 mio - men parkinsonramte Ulla kan ikke få førtidspension  Læs
Ikke blot til X Factor: Benny Engelbrecht (S) og partifælle fyrede den af til Rammstein – på skatteydernes regning  Læs
Silkeborgs biblioteker skal støtte den lokale Superliga-klub Silkeborg IF  Læs
Skjult offentlige støtte er milliardforretning for supermarkeder  Læs

Elderly dog helps save girl lost in the bush  Read
German supermarket sells burgers made from worms  Read
Meet the anti-plastic warriors: the pioneers with bold solutions to waste  Read
GCHQ warns public ‘absolute protection not possible’ as it briefs power and transport firms on cyber attacks  Read
Prosecutor explains significance of anti-Mafia trial  Read
Syria: OPCW takes samples from alleged attack site in Douma  Read
If people don’t know about the Holocaust, it’s because they don’t really care  Read
Eight jailed in Italy over secret talks between state officials and mafia  Read
The great divide of our times is not left v right, but true v false  Read
America is plagued by experts without expertise  Read
'It's about expanding Earth': Could we build cities in space?  Read
End of the American dream? The dark history of 'America first'  Read
Lurpak Butter Maker Says Brexit Is Forcing $500 Million Cost Cut  Read
Israel Is the World’s New Dining Hotspot  Read
Nicaragua's pension reform protests turn deadly  Read
First It Was a Warm Coat. Now It's Hot Fashion.  Read
World's oldest person, Nabi Tajima, dies in Japan aged 117  Read
'White Angel' nun who stood up to Nazis dies at 103  Read
What 'heimat' means to Hofbräuhaus regulars  Read
'Peace Festival' continues as neo-Nazis hold rally in Saxony town  Read
Germany's Justice Minister warns of rising anti-Semitism  Read
Tens of thousands protest in Hungary against Viktor Orban  Read
The sea-skimming vessel from Russia set to make a splash in Europe  Read
Millions gripped by Kim Wall murder trial as verdict nears  Read
Pictures: Bolts from the blue: Readers' photos on the theme of storm  Read
Pictures: The Lemon festival in Menton  Read
Pictures: The week in wildlife  Read
Pictures: The 20 photographs of the week  Read
Video: Nintendo's Labo accessory for Switch may be the future of fun  Read
Cat who walked 12 miles to family who didn't want him finds new home  Read
Video: Swedish DJ Avicii dies at 28  Read
Teenager with cerebral palsy could be first disabled Miss England  Read
Earth Day: What is it and how do people mark it around the world?  Read
Video: From #metoo to #timesup: Hope and change beyond the hashtags  Read
Video: CCTV shows Prince visiting doctor's office a day before his death  Read
Fashion: Upcycled denim & sustainable lace / Fashion to feel good about this spring  Read
Film: Al Pacino on Scarface 35 years later: ‘Bombast was what we were trying to say’  Read
Games: Zelda? Pokémon? Spyro? Players tweet their defining games  Read
Travel: Mallorca's scenic roads, designed for early motorists, are a cyclist's dream  Read
Recipe: Small dishes to mix and match  Read

EU and Mexico reach 'agreement in principle' to modernize free trade deal  Læs/read
We need accountability’ to end the crime of chemical weapons use in Syria, says UN Secretary-General  Læs/read
Danish zoo director advises against wolf 'panic measures'  Læs/read
Norway’s Hurtigruten to convert to hybrid energy  Læs/read
Here's how many Brits and Americans applied for Swedish citizenship post-Brexit and Trump  Læs/read
Finland is killing its world-famous basic income experiment  Læs/read

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21.-23. april 2018


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IMF advarer om rekordhøj gæld på verdensplan  Læs
Patientstyrelse: Patienters sikkerhed i fare på Holbæk Sygehus  Læs
9 kommuner får puljemidler til måltidsværter og musikterapi  Læs
Nye anbefalinger til forebyggelse af fald  Læs
Handicappede beskyttes mod diskrimination  Læs

Lance Armstrong settles $100m US government lawsuit for $5m  Read
Man, 83, executed - oldest in modern US history  Read
America Continues to Ignore the Risks of Election Hacking  Read
EU is Said to Reject U.K. Brexit Plan as Irish Impasse Deepens  Read
The first black woman to be the governor of any state in US?.  Read
Fair game? Debate on resurgent German wolves  Read
How the AfD taps into an East-West divide  Read
Facebook Is Steering Users Away From Privacy Protections  Read
MAD Magazine and Its All-New Gang of Idiots Return  Read
Nordic countries are the worst for finding friends, according to expats  Read
27 countries around the world where expats have the best job security, safety, and social life — and how much it costs to live there - in pictures  Read
Pictures:  Read
Pictures: 30 Award-Winning Pics That Will Change How You See Wedding Photography  Read
Pictures: 'Female' captures uniqueness, diversity of trans women through photography  Read
Pictures: 50 years of British photography: from Twiggy to whaling  Read
Video: Can these robots build an Ikea chair?  Read
Video: Theio Tragi - The 'Anarchist' Restaurant Reinventing Athens' Food Scene  Read
Video: Watch NASA's TESS planet-hunting satellite launch into space  Read
Video: Sea levels in Antarctica could be rising faster than predicted  Read
Video: YouTuber faces prison for feeding toothpaste Oreos to homeless man  Read
Video: One head injury increases risk of Parkinson's  Read
Video: Pioneering autism doctor Hans Asperger sent disabled children to be killed by Nazis  Read
Video: UK to ban sale of plastic straws and drinks stirrers  Read
Video: Who are the Windrush generation?  Read
Video of alleged anti-Semitic attack in Berlin sparks outrage  Read
Anti-Semitic violence? Germany must decide  Read
Fashion: ‘Only 1% of clothing is recycled. What are we doing?’  Read
Film: Travolta and Newton-John's summer lovin' still a blast  Read
Games: God of War review – violent, vital and more brilliant than ever  Read
Travel: Uniworld's River Beatrice achieves Super Ship status +45 from Budapest  Read
Recipe: Salade niçoise with seared tuna  Read

Circular economy: More recycling of household waste, less landfilling  Læs/read
UN security team shot at in Douma, says chemical weapons watchdog  Read
Letters - A Dying Breed In Denmark?  Læs/read
Norwegian roads authority: No sex on roundabouts, please  Læs/read
Banks Warn Sweden's Central Bank to Stay Out of Retail Market  Læs/read

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20. april 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

Dårlig sikkerhed førte til, at TV 2 kunne hacke kommuner  Læs
Lars von Trier's nye film "The House That Jack Built"  Læs
Giftig, vestjysk ulvedebat kan have udløst selvtægt med drab af ulv  Læs
Københavnsk rektor "opdagede" ikke, at han fik 800.000 kroner for meget i løn  Læs
Så meget vinder eller taber din kommune på manglende udligning  Læs
Facebook vil have ansigtsgenkendelse og reklamer  Læs

Woman dies after being nearly sucked out of airplane  Read
US on the brink of the next Watergate?  Read
Each Brexit scenario will leave Britain worse off, study finds  Read
Criminal 'arms race' helping terrorists get weapons, report warns  Read
Syria: US in talks over Arab force to replace American troops  Read
"My family has a Nazi past. I see that ideology returning across Europe"  Read
Promised land, enemy land: Israel 70 years after independence  Read
What to expect from Facebook's privacy policy  Read
Facebook seeks facial recognition consent in EU and Canada  Read
Bill Gates: Facebook has had its 'mea culpa' moment — now it must 'help the world figure out' data privacy  Read
Flipkart vs. Amazon — the online retail battleground heating up  Read
Trump's UN envoy hits back at White House  Read
Pippi Longstocking and the subversive heroines children love  Read
Spain Is Booming and Now Voters Turn Against the Prime Minister  Read
Europe’s new ‘Eastern bloc  Read
More than 95% of Earth’s population breathing dangerously polluted ai  Read
Norway, China spearhead the e-mobility drive  Read
Pictures: A guide to Queen Elizabeth's family’s playlist - in pictures  Read
Pictures: Prizewinning images of Africa, from grasshoppers to street life – in pictures  Read
Pictures: Prepare for flower crowns! The best of Coachella 2018 – in pictures  Read
Pictures: The last town in Sovietland – in pictures  Read
Pictures: The ghost streets of 1960s Birmingham – in pictures  Read
Video: Animal welfare group condemns performing bear at Russian football match  Read
Video: How Dutch stations help blind travellers  Read
Video: Museum unveils first world war suitcase full of mystery  Read
Video: Scientists unveil new tool in fight against US coastline erosion  Read
Video: Former US first lady Barbara Bush dies aged 92  Read
Video: Attack on Jewish men in Berlin caught on video  Read
Video: How was journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia murdered?  Read
Fashion: High-street wedding dresses with designer shoes – in pictures  Read
Film: Lars von Trier set for Cannes return after seven-year ban  Read
Film: The House That Jack Built (2018 film) - written and directed by Lars von Trier  Read
Games: A new Harry Potter game  Read
Travel: Is the beach holiday over?  Read
Recipe: Six of the best children’s meals  Read

European Commission proposes signature and conclusion of Japan and Singapore agreements  Læs/read
Upswing in global growth won’t last forever; IMF says world must prepare now for leaner times ahead  Læs/read
The 29 fastest-growing companies in the Nordics  Read
Danish consumers reduced food waste by 14,000 tonnes in six years  Læs/read
Electric cars in Norway will pay tolls with exemption to be scrapped  Læs/read
Teens apologize for bomb threat against Malmö Jewish centre  Læs/read

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19. april 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

66-årig mand anholdt for at skyde og dræbe en ulv på mark i Vestjylland  Læs
Skuffende sammenbrud i udlignings-forhandlingerne, men hellere ingen ny aftale end en dårligere  Læs
Vadefugle får hjælp af overskudsvand fra motorvej  Læs
Macron: EU må få løst op for "den forgiftede debat" om omfordeling af flygtninge  Læs
Filmen 'Utøya 22. juli' har udelukkende fokus på ofrene  Læs
Københavns ældste kirke gemmer sig måske under Rådhuspladsen  Læs
Ida Auken (V): Venstrefløjen har forsømt at tale om, hvorfor kultur og national identitet er vigtige for mennesker  Læs

Pulitzer Prize: New York Times, Washington Post and The New Yorker win for Weinstein and Russia investigations  Read
France's Macron urges defence of democracy in EU  Read
Poland broke EU law by logging  Read
Why Germany Didn't Join the Syria Strikes  Read
Turkey targets left-wing news agency in press crackdown  Read
US is targeting China's Confucius Institute  Read
Europe's journalists continue work of murdered Malta blogger  Read
Eight European countries are at the forefront in developing hybrid technology for trucks  Read
Facebook is probably tracking you whether you use it or not — and it doesn't really give you a choice  Read
Amazon warehouse workers pee into bottles because they are scared of being punished for taking a comfort break  Read
New Zealanders deploy helicopters and thermal imaging to search for lost dogs  Read
James Comey helped Trump win. Now he wants to undo his mistake  Read
Britain is wrongly deporting Commonwealth nationals – this must stop now  Read
SpaceX halts launch of satellite that will look for planets capable of supporting life  Read
Most people still do not care about buying plastic bottles  Read
German Foreign Minister: 'Syria Is Not Auschwitz'  Read
Alexa Is a Revelation for the Blind  Read
'Bluetooth' treasure found on German Baltic Sea island  Read
Scientists engineer plastic-eating enzyme that could help fight pollution  Read
Sleep became a billion-dollar business  Read
I was one of the first people on Facebook. I shouldn't have trusted Mark Zuckerberg  Read
Facebook to face lawsuit over facial recognition  Read
Video: Touching moment gorilla meets newborn  Read
Video: Going for a helicopter pub crawl in Australia  Read
Video: Half a million hens saved from battery farm hell  Read
Video: Mudslides and flash flooding trigger state of emergency in Hawaii  Read
Video: EU wants to accelerate energy transition  Read
Video: It’s easier to bomb Syria than welcome its refugees, Human Rights Watch boss tells  Read
Video: Little penguins return to ocean after being treated for injuries  Read
Video: How Pep Guardiola's tactics made Manchester City Premier League champions  Read
Fashion: How to wear… Pastels – in pictures  Read
Film: YouTube - The home of great movies…  Read
Games: Far Cry 5 review – cults, chaos and all-American silliness  Read
Travel: ‘I’m Spartacus!’ - Gladiators galore at Nîmes’ Great Roman Games  Read
Recipe: Pecan lamb  Read

New European Investment Bank loans to mobilise €1 billion in investment for agriculture and bio-economy  Læs/read
Protect indigenous people’s land rights and the whole world will benefit, UN forum declares  Læs/read
Denmark Has an Issue Most Countries Would Love: Lots of Money and Little Debt  Læs/read
Denmark considers 'data ethics council' in wake of Facebook scandal  Læs/read
35,000 Nato soldiers to conduct exercises in Norway  Læs/read
US Marines are stationed in Norway to help deter Russia, and Norway may ask them to stay longer - There's 'a big-ass fight coming'  Læs/read
Sweden's female job hunters more likely to improve salary than men  Læs/read

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18. april 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

Kødædende bakterie spreder sig hurtigt – og forvirrer eksperterne  Læs
Liberia's præsident skaber frygt hos journalister  Læs
Trumps fyrede FBI-chef: USA's præsident er moralsk uegnet til posten  Læs
Trump tweeter og laver kovending: Bremser pludselig sanktioner mod Rusland  Læs
Gebisset i tandglasset er ved at være historie  Læs

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst reveals she has HIV  Read
Fears of Russian cyber revenge for Syria strikes  Read
Google May Have Its Own Facebook Moment  Read
Spotify Wants a World of Background Music  Read
Netflix is rallying ahead of earnings  Read
Russian investigative journalist dead after mystery fall  Read
When a reporter is murdered, we must take over their investigation  Read
Australia doesn’t exist! And other bizarre geographic conspiracies that won’t go away  Read
Scientists just grew a whole salad in Antarctica, without any daylight or soil  Read
Syria chemical attack: The OPCW-inspectors unable to access Douma site  Read
Just how dangerous is Donald Trump?  Read
Italian president: I’m in no mood to wait for a government  Read
Brain 'pacemakers' prove a success  Read
New York City is getting a 1,296-foot-tall skyscraper with the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere — see the incredible views  Read
Germans fear the rise of 'lawless' neighborhoods  Read
Ketamine has 'fast-acting benefits' for depression  Read
A journey to the edge of a frozen Antarctica continent in pictures  Read
Taxi! Meet the people behind the wheel - in pictures  Read
Hundreds of dog lovers attend anti-greyhound racing rally – in pictures  Read
Seville springs into life with Feria de Abril celebrations – in pictures  Read
World Press Photo Contest 2018 – the winning pictures  Read
Video: So, you've deleted Facebook. Now what?  Read
Video: Lapland's changing seasons by drone – in pictures  Read
The most beautiful cats at the Pisicat expo in Bucharest  Read
Are massive pot farms poisoning endangered owls?  Read
Watch R Lee Ermey's iconic Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant scene  Read
Video: Australian shark attack victim taken to hospital by helicopter  Read
Video: Curiouser and curiouser: inside Acmi's interactive exhibition Wonderland  Read
Fashion: Inside Tattoo Street Style – in pictures  Read
Film: Is Avengers' Infinity War an allegory for Disney’s world-conquering master plan?  Read
Games: We do not need PlayStation 5 in 2018  Read
Travel: How an Italian town changed me  Read
Recipe: Quick packed lunch ideas for busy people  Read

Malicious cyber activities: EU Council adopts conclusions  Læs/read
UN Security Council condemn deadly attack on peacekeepers in Mali  Læs/read
Viking Age treasures connected to legendary Danish king found on German island  Læs/read
Norway surprises with launch of 'new Skam' series  Læs/read
Sweden’s government to boost spending on solar energy  Læs/read
Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image  Læs/read

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17. april 2018


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