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This all-male council in Texas just voted to ban abortion  Read

Trump administration physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science  Read

Wake up, England: Boris Johnson’s ‘charm’ is just the arrogance of those born to rule  Read

Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit plan ‘will trigger early election’  Read

Cuts to diplomatic service will reduce Britain’s influence  Read

Turkey's Erdogan is on an ego trip  Read

Is NATO's future at risk over US-Turkey rift?  Read

EU have proof of Russia election meddling ahead of EU EU elections  Read

The Russians facing 'politically motivated' charges  Read

Boeing pilots reveal safety fears over fleet of Dreamliners  Read

Aviation's Climate Challenge: The popular revolt against flying  Read

Research predicts extremes of weather will hit food production  Read

California’s wildfire season is starting and officials are bracing for the worst  Read

Not “Italians first!” but why the Nobel Peace Prize to Domenico Lucano and to Riace  Read

Documents cast doubt on Italy’s deputy prime minister’s denial  Read

UK can’t make up its mind on tech  Read

China's Expanding Media Dominance in Africa  Read

Apocalypse Now A Moroccan Oasis Struggles with Climate Change  Read

Hong Kong is not China yet, but that feared day is coming ever nearer  Read

Trump has a new favourite news network - and it's more right-wing than FOX  Read

Russia’s new Arctic missile knocks out targets in massive test launch  Read

Journalist finally brings attackers to justice but warns: 'Colombia's sliding backwards'  Read

A sinking Arctic town to move itself two miles east, and its $1 billion dollar plan is becoming a reality  Read

Unicef: UK among 'least family-friendly' in Europe  Read

Tensions rising amid Greenpeace's BP protests  Read

World Refugee Day: Huge painting unveiled near Eiffel Tower to support migrant rescuers  Read

Swiss women go on strike over inequality  Read

Europe's flourishing bioeconomy  Read

A Sardinian gem: Europe’s Leading Green Resort  Read

Olympic house in Switzerland named one of the world’s most sustainable buildings  Read

Hundreds of Current and Former Law Enforcement Officers Found in Extremist Facebook Groups  Read

The US Has Allegedly Placed Malware Deep in Russia's Power Grid  Read

Google's Quest to Build the Perfect One-Tap Smartphone Camera  Read

Facebook Will Now Rank Your Comments So Its Dumbass Website Can Be 'More Meaningful'  Read

Attention: Climate Change and Risk of Armed Conflict  Read

Attention: Hopes for climate progress falter with coal still king across Asia  Read

Attention: Can we change the climate from the grassroots up?  Read

Attention: We must transform our lives and values to save this burning planet  Read

Video: 'My life has started at 70'  Look

Video: Is this house really zombie-proof?  Look

Video: Breaking down the video U.S. military says shows Iranian forces removing mine from tanker  Look

Video: The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders' most memorable moments  Look

Video: Bondi-to-Manly hyperlapse - Sydney's spectacular 80km harbour walk  Look

Video: Kakapo - Four facts about the world's heaviest parrot  Look

Video: A rental service for lonely people  Look

Pictures: World’s cartoonists on this week’s events  Look

Pictures: The 20 photographs of the week  Look

Pictures: Senior staff: Tokyo's oldest workers  Look

Pictures: From Goldfinger to Scarface - How to get this summer's movie-star  Look

Pictures: A hat party and an oil protest  Look

Pictures: The week in wildlife  Look

Fashion: Under the Tuscan sun - Heatwave Florence plays host to SS20 menswear shows – in pictures  Read

Film: Michael Caine’s best films - ranked!  Read

Games: E3 2019 - The future of video games is complicated  Read

Travel: 10 reasons to visit Heligoland  Read

Recipe: Californian classics  Read

Fleeing to the Refugee Food Festival in Copenhagen  Læs/read

Finland’s free park lunch programmes spread in summer 2019  Læs/read

New Book on Iceland in World War II  Læs/read

Sweden cracks down on black market rentals: What the new laws mean for you  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council - Main results  Læs/read

Remittances matter: 8 facts you don’t know about the money migrants send back home  Læs/read

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17. juni 2019

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WORLD Headlines:
Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: Iran calls US accusation 'unfounded'  Read

Iran, the US and the Gulf: What now?  Read

Donald Trump: If foreign power offered dirt on 2020 opponent, 'I'd want to hear it'  Read

Trump lashes out at polls that show 2020 re-election bid in trouble  Read

Trump to send more troops to Poland  Read

Turkey confirms Russia S-400 missile deal, ignores US warning  Read

Macron would back Angela Merkel as European Commission president, if...  Read

No-deal Brexit: MPs reject plan to block UK from leaving EU without a deal  Read

British MPs are losing their resolve to prevent a chaotic no-deal Brexit  Read

UK home secretary: Exclusion from Trump state dinner was ‘odd’  Read

Salvini alliance to be named Identity and Democracy  Read

Pirate-fighting sailor wants to tow a 125-million-ton iceberg to solve South Africa's water crisis  Read

As Boeing's problems mount, there's still no clear answer about when the 737 Max will return to the skies  Read

Is Europe keeping its promise on Holocaust restitution?  Read

The UK has pledged 'net zero' carbon emissions, but what does this mean?  Read

Hate crimes in Italy quadrupled  Read

Marine Le Pen 'to stand trial for tweeting violent images of terrorism'  Read

Alentejo: Portugal’s undiscovered craft paradise  Read

Social democracy's struggles and successes in Europe  Read

Ebola virus has reached Uganda  Read

Nordic countries best for young families  Read

Facebook Worried About Mark Zuckerberg's Old Emails in FTC Privacy Probe  Read

Google CEO Tries to Smooth Things Over After YouTube's Anti-LGBTQ Shitshow  Read

Attention: Juncker cautions against further climate goals  Read

Attention: Europe's seas to lose almost a third of life due to climate change  Read

Video: Baby elephant takes first wobbly steps  Look

Video: Who will grow our food when ageing farmers are gone?  Look

Video: The surprising clue that solved a mysterious disappearance  Look

Video: What's killing Yosemite's trees?  Look

Video: 'Brexit delay means defeat' - Boris Johnson launches leadership bid  Look

Pictures: Vapes, snakes and fireworks - Hanging out at the Cracker  Look

Pictures: Sweet reward - Yunnan honey hunters  Look

Pictures: From the horse's mouth to the door to hell - Magnum's images of obsession  Look

Fashion: Eternal summer - Highlights from London fashion week men's  Read

Film: Films that drew readers back to the cinema  Read

Games: E3 2019 - Nintendo teases Animal Crossing and a Zelda  Read

Travel: 10 of the UK's best canal and river walks - travel tips  Read

Recipe: How to cook the perfect soupe au pistou  Read

Hundreds of Danish homeowners signing up to initiative to rent our their gardens for free  Læs/read

Helsinki Airport grapples with summer's busiest days amid renovation  Læs/read

Risk of Wildfires in West and South Iceland  Læs/read

Pichtures: Thunderstorms hit trains and roads in southern Sweden  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Deepening Europe's Economic and Monetary Union: Commission takes stock of progress  Læs/read

Conflict prevention, mediation: Among ‘most important tools’ to reduce human suffering  Læs/read

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14. juni 2019

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