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Two Tu-160 bombers on cross-Atlantic flight for deployment to Venezue l Read

May’s leadership under threat as Tory MPs mobilise against her  Read

Pinocchio and the two Democrats: how that Trump meeting descended into farce  Read

Putin's hypocrisy on human rights  Read

Emmanuel Macron and the 'yellow vests': Can they cooperate?  Read

12. december 2018

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The 28 people shaping, shaking and stirring Europe  Read

Arctic in trouble: Sea ice bottoms as carbon emissions peak  Read

COP24 fails to adopt key scientific report  Read

Climate risk: Insuring against the inevitable  Read


Trump on own administration's climate report: 'I don't believe it'!  Read

AKK - Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer - says Merkel is safe, for now  Read

In Trumpworld, They Know Someone Is Coming to Town, and It’s Not Santa  Read

Who is best prepared to beat Trump at a time when Trump owns the culture?  Read

As Churchill saw, Britain’s glory is not found in isolation  Read

Vatican unveils giant Christmas tree and nativity scene  Read

Italy fines Facebook €10million for misleading users over data practices  Read

Bad, unethical companies take note. You're going to soon cough up more for debt  Read

If Trump Weren’t President Or Privileged, ‘He’d Be In Court Right Now’  Read

Report: Russian Bots Rigged Net Neutrality Comments  Read

Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches  Read

Study Explores Why We Want to Squeeze Cute Babies and Animals  Read

Apple's Tortured Squid Emoji is Like 'Having a Butt on Your Forehead'  Read

The Totally Free Streaming Service You Didn't Know You Have  Read

Facebook’s Very Bad Month Just Got Worse  Read

HUNGER GAMES: Putin’s Probably Enjoying the Feverish White House Turnover  Read

Far right breakthrough in Andalucía send shockwave through Spanish politics  Read

2018 is worst Trump-year on record for gun violence in schools  Read

Japan passes law to allow more foreign workers  Read

Students give Holocaust victims a voice online  Read

Far-right groups across Europe 'using Islamist techniques' to recruit followers  Read

Fear of sanctions is demotivating the unemployed from getting a job  Read

Brazil's Amazon deforestation documented via massive satellite imaging  Read

Traffic accidents kill more than 1 million people, WHO says  Read

Frans Timmermans elected European socialists' lead candidate for 2019 vote  Read

Moscow garbage sparks mass protest across Northwest-Russia  Read

The women accused of pretending to be black  Read

Brexit: Theresa May warns of 'uncharted waters' ahead of key vote  Read

A fear of cultural loss is fuelling anger with elites across Europe  Read

'I don't have enough money to feed myself:' Gilets Jaunes on why they joined the movement  Read

The Observer view on the gilets jaunes protests  Read

Yellow vest protests: France's Édouard Philippe seeks 'unity' after unrest  Read

Video: Riot police use teargas and water cannon in clashes with gilets jaunes in Paris – video report  Look

Video: The woman who exposed an Irish health scandal  Look

Video: 'Get the pigs out before no-deal Brexit'  Look

Video: A visual journey through heaven  Read

Video: Why are we taking so long to tackle climate change?  Look

Video: Africa’s debt crisis - Who is to blame?  Read

Video: 'Coloured wedding dresses are a trend'  Look

Video: 'There was a lot of crying' - Youngest Booker prize nominee on writing her first novel  Look

Pictures: France's latest protests  Look

Pictures: Rare but conspicuous - Your photos of white reindeer  Read

Pictures: We love… six fashion fixes for the week ahead  Look

Pictures: Portrait of Humanity photography prize entries  Look

Pictures: World’s cartoonists on this week’s events  Read

Fashion: Underwear revolution - How lingerie grew up and put women’s comfort first  Read

Film: The Old Man & the Gun review - Robert Redford bows out in a feelgood crime caper  Read

Games: The video games that are good for your children  Read

Travel: An affordable winter sports break in Oslo, of all places  Read

Recipe: Don't waste Christmas roast vegetables - make this delicious leftovers recipe  Read

Entire Berlin street bought up by Danish pension fund PFA  Læs/read

Danish government asked us not to criticise, says former climate council leader  Læs/read

Whale dies after ten days lost in Danish harbour  Læs/read

"Bans don't help": Former President Halonen weighs in on Finland's swastika debate  Læs/read

Eating out: Hlemmur, the Asian food quarter of Reykjavik  Læs/read

Swedes' flight habits carry heavy climate burden  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Europe's apathy toward humanitarian rescue outrages NGOs  Læs/read

The costs of corruption: values, economic development under assault, trillions lost, says UN  Læs/read

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10. december 2018

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Spigel: Preparations Begin for the Climate Change Deluge  Read

The 'great dying': Rapid warming caused largest extinction event ever  Read

Does Trump Even Understand How Tariffs Work?  Read

Ecuador says UK has given ‘guarantees’ for the WikiLeaks founder to leave embassy in London  Read

Remembering George H.W. Bush subtly shows what was lost in Trump era  Read

Explosive growth» in Russian Arctic shipping  Read

Inside Erdogan's torture chambers  Read

Turkey issues arrest warrant for exiled journalist  Read

Romanian PM wades into '€20m fine for journalists' row  Read

Fury as Japanese paper redefines 'comfort women'  Read

The truth behind neo-Nazi doxing campaign 5h ago  Read

Unreality Check: The (not so) great Brexit debate  Read

UK risks indefinite Brexit talks  Read

Water storage declines in global landlocked basin  Read

Wind power vulnerable to climate change in India  Read

CO2 emissions to hit historic highs in 2018  Read

Noah's New Ark: Full-scale model of biblical vessel highlights threat of global warming  Read

Terrorism deaths down but far-right attacks are rising  Read

What is the UN migration pact that's causing political turmoil in the EU?  Read

Luxembourg first to make all public transport free  Read

Putin and Trump set for nuclear arms race in Europe  Read

Euro 'to compete with US dollar' in energy sector  Read

Serbia threatens to invade Kosovo, stirring bad memories  Read

Trump Administration Is Turning Child Migrants Away At The Border  Read

Every President Recited This Prayer Except Trump, And People Definitely Noticed  Read

Trump's trade tweets threatened Asian and invited China to come save with a message of trust  Read

Trump's 'great' America: 'Might be short for Great Depression'  Read

Germany’s (and Europe’s) future in CDU's hands  Read

Has the German left found its answer to right-wing nationalism?  Read

'A slow-motion catastrophe': On the road in Venezuela, 20 years after Chávez's rise  Read

From Beyoncé to Sorry to Bother You: The new age of Afro-surrealism  Read

Berta Cáceres case: A warning for those who would kill activists  Read

Don’t listen too hard to Christmas songs: Their lyrics are always creepy  Read

Donkey and emu that 'fell in love' adopted by Walking Dead actor  Read

Brussels tells social media giants to delete Russian trolls  Read

Secret Facebook documents have just been published  Read

'Good for the world'? Facebook emails reveal what really drives the site  Read

Zuckerberg allegedly blocked rivals from accessing Facebook data  Read

Facebook's PR head defended its anti-Soros effort, saying it was 'completely legitimate'  Read

Google Takes Aim at Abusive Ads With Chrome 71  Read

Dolphins Had a Jurassic-Era Reptile Twin Featuring Blubber and Warm Blood  Read

DeepL - a Cologne-based startup outperforms Google Translate  Read

Video: The benefits of virtual flight  Look

Video: Uncovering the hidden colour of history  Look

Video: The scent that costs more than gold  Look

Video: The timeless joy of racing tiny sail boats  Look

Video: Trump shakes hands with the Obamas – but not with the Clintons  Look

Video: Sausage dogs unleashed in Running of the Wieners race  Look

Pictures: What makes a dachshund the perfect muse? The long history of sausage dogs in art  Look

Pictures: Portrait of Humanity photography prize entries  Look

Pictures: Rio's squatter communities turn derelict buildings into homes  Look

Fashion: Amazing grace: Michelle Obama and the second coming of a style icon  Read

Film: We Finally Know Which Film Franchise Is Better as 20,000 Jedi Battle 3,000 T-rexes  Read

Games: 42 exotic weapons in 'Destiny 2' right now - and here ranked from best to worst  Read

Travel: Our big exotic sleepover - A single-parent tour of Egypt  Read

Recipe: Vietnamese pork patties  Read

Denmark to keep unemployment insurance money paid by people who lose eligibility under new rules  Læs/read

Denmark wants to ban single-use plastic bags  Læs/read

Greenland ice sheet melt 'off the charts' compared with past four centuries  Læs/read

Why Finns don't want to change their national anthem  Læs/read

Big freeze at beautiful lake Mývatn in North Iceland  Læs/read

Swedes’ meat consumption continues to decrease  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

A Europe that Protects: The EU steps up action against disinformation  Læs/read

UN News: Persons with disabilities bike towards sustainability  Læs/read

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7. december 2018

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'Killed for speaking the truth': Nine journalists murdered in 2018  Read

Police target 'Ndrangheta mafia in raids across Europe  Read

'It doesn't matter if migrants shipped to island are criminals, they still have human rights'  Read

George HW Bush funeral: World figures pay respect  Read

Yemen war: UN-backed peace talks set to begin in Sweden  Read

Putin to Trump: Russia will build missiles if US leaves treaty  Read

China confident of agreeing US trade deal despite Trump's combative stance  Read

Donald Trump declares himself 'Tariff Man'  Read

Trump's disbelief won't stop dangerous climate change  Read

Bush Sr. leadership style 'exact opposite' of Trump  Read

" target="_blank">Read

‘People’s eyes are glazing over’: Brexit fatigue grips Basildon  Read

What would UK voters be asked in a referendum on the Brexit deal?  Read

This sub will soon add about 100 nuclear warheads to the Barents Sea  Read

NATO, US put pressure on Russia over INF treaty  Read

Saudis between an OPEC rock and Trump's hard place  Read

Client Earth: Changing environmental law, the world over  Read

Nations must triple efforts to reach 2°C target,  Read

Brilliant iron molecule could provide cheaper solar energy  Read

Chinese leader signal more investment in Portugal  Read

EU is 'plain wrong' on Trump, Pompeo tells Brussels  Read

What Bribery Experts Say About The Trump Organization’s Plan To Give Putin A Penthouse  Read

Escalating Tension: Russia Tries to Strangle Ukraine with New Maritime Strategy  Read

About the Mediterranean, start with saving lives  Read

The Rare Environmental Victories of 2018  Read

New EU digital tax to let most US giants off the hook  Read

Don’t let big business rob EU consumers of their right to justice  Read

We just got our best look yet at the killer feature for next year's Android phones  Read

Volkswagen Says Its Next Generation of Internal Combustion Engines Will Be Its Last  Read

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD: Gaze Upon It And Weep  Read

The best airlines for 2018 according to The Points Guy  Read

50 stunning photos reveal what microkitchens are like in New York and San Francisco  Read

Lego Masters final, review: An unlikely contender for greatness akin to Bake Off  Read

Video: ‘Oh honey, you tried’: What Michelle Obama thought she’d have to say to Barack in 2008  Look

Video: ‘My hand could unlock my car door’  Look

Video: The ancient symbols hidden in a cave  Look

Video: Who are Spain's far-right party?  Look

Video: Sully visits Bush coffin at US Capitol  Look

Pictures: Saving the last West African giraffes  Look

Pictures: Photographer wins award for project on Rwandan genocide and mental health  Look

Pictures: Royal Society publishing photography competition 2018  Look

Fashion: Versace harks back to greatest hits with savvy New York show  Read

Film: Oscars 2019: Who should be the host?  Read

Games: The 11 best Nintendo Switch games of all time  Read

Games: The 11 best games on PlayStation 4  Read

Travel: Vatican considers limit on museum visitors amid safety fears  Read

Recipe: How to cook the perfect piri piri chicken  Read

Denmark’s immigration minister to skip international meeting on UN’s migration pact  Læs/read

90% Finns use Internet, 75% with cell-phone  Læs/read

Women of Iceland unite for workplace equality  Læs/read

Hundreds of 17th century cannonballs unearthed in Stockholm nbsp;Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

The EU's tax haven blacklist - impressive or impotent?  Læs/read

Fears of sustained US campaign to undermine women’s rights at UN after failed bid to water down historic first resolution to fight sexual harassment  Læs/read

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6. december 2018

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Khashoggi murder: Saudi crown prince crazy, says US senator  Read

Europe can push back against Putin's aggression  Read

Hundreds of Nazis free despite arrest warrants  Read

Revolt against 'elite' in France  Read

Will Macron stand down and listen to the ‘gilets jaunes’?  Read

France protests: PM suspends fuel tax rises  Read

Ukip being turned into 'anti-Islamic party' - video  Read

Teaching brochure sparks spying row and far-right outrage  Read

European People's Party blocks critics of Viktor Orban on Twitter  Read

Is Spain's far-right on the rise?  Read

German artists launch denunciation campaign against far-right Chemnitz protesters  Read

China and Panama sign partnerships in Latin American first  Read

EU is cracking down on geoblocking  Read

The Congolese capital is drowning in waste  Read

A Billionaire Backer and the Murky Finances of the AfD  Read

Can the UK get an extension on Brexit?  Read

UK can unilaterally revoke Brexit 'Article 50'  Read

Isle of Madness: A Series of Miscalculations Has Brought Britain to the Brink  Read

‘Let the people decide’: 1.5 million demands for second referendum handed to Downing Street - video  Read

Refugee families allowed to settle in UK after 20 years stranded at British military base in Cyprus  Read

Soros-founded Budapest university 'forced to move to Vienna'  Read

Rise of killer robots seems inevitable at EU conference  Read

Paul Manafort Tried to Score Deal With Ecuador to Hand Julian Assange Over to the U.S.  Read

Google - The Pixel 3's Big Bug Fix Update Is Here  Read

Amazon Promised Drone Delivery in Five Years... Five Years Ago!  Read

Homes are becoming smarter  Read

Apple MacBook Air review: The new default Mac  Read

Want tech giants such as Google and Facebook to pay EU tax on digital revenue  Read

Facebook is huge, it’s monstrous, it’s addictive and it must be stopped  Read

5,3 million Germans suffer from depression each year  Read

Young Japanese are dating less than before  Read

Trump's praise for Roger Stone could amount to witness tampering  Read

Mueller is about to drop major new details about 3 of the most important players in the Russia probe  Read

White House confusion over Trump's promised tariff delay shows the slapdash nature of the trade deal  Read

Originator Of The Trump Penthouse For Putin Idea Says He Doesn’t Know How Far It Went  Read

Hey, Ivanka Trump: You’ve Got The Wrong Definition Of ‘Human Trafficking’- Also, your dad is making the problem worse  Read

Video: Blistering 2-Word Response To Trump Brings Down The House  Look

Video: Will Kamala Harris run for US-President?  Look

Video: Denmark’s gigantic trash trolls  Look

Video: Paris cleanup begins after gilets jaunes riots  Look

Video: 'Continuation of civilisation is in your hands,' Attenborough tells  Look

Video: 'I certainly opened up a conversation': Turner prize-winning artist on her Guardian residency  Look

Pictures: Brooklyn-born Helen Levitt's New York  Look

Pictures: Capturing Ecology - British Ecological Society phot  Look

Pictures: Travel photography competition - November winners  Look

Fashion: Worn out - Can fast fashion be sustainable?  Read

Film: The official trailer for 'Captain Marvel' is here and it shows off a younger Samuel L. Jackson  Read

Games: No-deal Brexit would 'devastate' UK gaming industry  Read

Travel: Back from the brink - New breath for tourism in Istanbul  Read

Recipe: Pork meatballs in tomato sauce  Read

Local residents make plan to help whale stuck in Danish harbour  Læs/read

Finnish National Prize honours creators of rock 'n' roll, film and fashion  Læs/read

Iceland celebrates 100 years of sovereignty free from Denmark  Læs/read

What's that noise? No need to freak out, Sweden!  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Safer cars for safer roads: European Council agrees to tougher rules on vehicle safety  Læs/read

‘We need to do more’ to transform the world, deputy UN chief tells  Læs/read

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5. december 2018

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David Attenborough warns of 'collapse of civilisations' at COP24 summit  Read

Children die as foreign powers circle over Yemen's shattered land  Read

A Forgotten Legacy of George H. W. Bush  Read

No houses or cars, please: China calls for end to expensive, 'vulgar' wedding gifts  Read

The Wizard of Oz is a grotesque predictor of Trump’s America  Read

Let’s be honest about what’s really driving Brexit: Bigotry (Fanatisme)  Read

Labour seeks to topple May and provoke new elections  Read

Canada pension fund investment into US detention firm larger than reported  Read

Hanukkah in Berlin is 'a gift'  Read

Anti-Semitism: 'Climate has got worse for Jews in Europe,' says Moscow rabbi  Read

An Indian's first German Christmas market  Read

Angry, distressed farmers march to India's parliament  Read

Yellow vests: Who were the rioters who wreaked havoc and destruction in Paris?  Read

Tens of thousands of climate change protesters march  Read

Pope renews call for Syrian peace after talks fail in Astana  Read

Ukraine plagued by one of the largest HIV epidemics in Europe  Read

Where to watch free screenings of European films  Read

Commissioner calls for extending voting rights to 85,000 disabled people  Read

‘Mission Complete’ For Sully, George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog  Read

The Advent calendar's sweet history  Read

Pictures: Why I wanted photographs of my husband’s funeral  Look

Pictures: Empire laid bare - Making the original Star Wars trilogy  Look

Pictures: The Guardian big picture - 2 Child in the snow, Oldham, 1982  Look

Pictures: Photo contest celebrates creativity in the construction industry  Look

Video: How Trump changed late night comedy  Look

Video: The eerie beauty of dangerous sinkholes  Look

Video: 'I was called an eco-terrorist'  Look

Video: Michelle and me - How Mrs Obama changed my life  Look

Video: Trump walks off leaving Mauricio Macri standing alone at G20  Look

Video: Carmichael coalmine - What does Adani's latest mine plan mean?  Look

Video: Police bodycam footage captures mob attack  Look

Fashion: The Christmas gift guide - 100 great buys for every budget  Read

Film: The ho-ho-horror - Why your favourite Christmas movies are creepy  Read

Games: Return of the Obra Dinn review – arduous but captivating  Read

Travel: Where does Santa drink?  Read

Recipe: Winter comfort food recipes  Read

Poland & Denmark agree Baltic Sea gas pipeline  Læs/read

Finland plans partnership in Baltic rail connection project  Læs/read

British billionaire Acquires More Land in Iceland  Læs/read

Parts of northern Swedish glacier collapse after warm summer  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Eurofound: Some improvements in the lives of people with disabilities but disadvantage remains  Læs/read

UN: Over 40 million people still victims of slavery  Læs/read

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4. december 2018

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