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Notre-Dame fire: Macron says new cathedral will be 'more beautiful'  Read

French Billionaire Has Pledged 100 Million Euros To Help Rebuild The Notre Dame Cathedral  Read

Hymns and shock after Notre-Dame fire - video  Read

Donald Tusk: UK will not be a second category EU state  Read

The EU cannot extend the Brexit process a third time  Read

The activists risking prison to save the planet  Read

Notre Dame through the ages - in pictures  Read

Our hearts bleed for our beloved Notre Dame  Read

What Notre-Dame means to the French  Read

Fundraising begins to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral  Read

Downing Street under pressure to close down Labour talks on Brexit  Read

Brexit: How it came to this - How May miscalculated the Brexit numbers game  Read

Is English football's racism problem being taken seriously?  Read

Moscow expands crusade against the internet  Read

Russian natural gas company says it will abandon Norway  Read

US press and publishing: Trump investigations and gun coverage shine in 2019 Pulitzer Prizes  Read

Captain chaos: Trump advises Boeing, despite swift failure of own airline  Read

Capitalism captured the mindfulness industry  Read

More non-EU nationals moving to Germany for work  Read

Will women voters be a game changer in India?  Read

Mentally disabled Germans can vote in time for EU elections  Read

EU Commission signed a multimillion-euro grant to allow gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland  Read

China's secluded community in Zambia  Read

How much does Vladimir Putin earn? Not as much as last year...  Read

Inside Donald Trump’s hidden life on the golf course  Read

Voluntourism's Dark Side: The Scam of Fake Orphanages in Cambodia  Read

Brussels links US trade talks to demands on steel, car tariffs  Read

Why you’re more likely to die of cancer in Europe than America  Read

Commission renews warning to Romania over rule of law  Read

Slovenian PM: We need a EU Commission that obeys rule of law  Read

French far right wants to scrap European Commission  Read

The Brexit culture war in numbers  Read

European Parliament will hold ‘extraordinary session’ if UK approves Brexit deal  Read

Shakespeare's European neighbours may have inspired his plays  Read

The neuroscientists in search of consciousness  Read

What is consciousness?  Read

People Are Celebrating Their Identities With This TikTok DNA Test Meme  Read

Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse  Read

'Anywhere and everywhere' - Winds carry microplastics even on to remote mountaintops  Read

North Atlantic warming hole impacts jet stream  Read

15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook  Read

Foldable Phones Are Here, Microsoft Emails Got Hacked and More News  Read

The FCC's Big Millimeter-Wave Auction Won't Help Speed Up 5G Rollout All That Much  Read

Video: The highs and lows of impersonating Boris Johnson  Look

Video: Michelle Obama on meeting the Queen and how to cope in difficult political times  Look

Video: The moment Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters in epic career comeback  Look

Video: The tribe who can't read so can't vote  Look

Video: Dragonflies see the world in slow motion  Look

Video: Fatal dust storm in Pakistan  Look

Video: Israeli scientists ‘print 3D heart using human tissue’  Look

Pictures: The Guardian picture essay undercover - Female football fans in Iran  Look

Pictures: Vapes, vintage hot rods and a Japanese love hotel - The best of the AOP awards  Look

Pictures: Sumo stretches and a fistful of bees  Look

Fashion: Ice baths before breakfast? Just say no to the lifestyles of the rich and famous  Read

Film: Six things James Bond could learn from Fleabag  Read

Games: Shadows Die Twice review - A samurai sword through the heart  Read

Travel: Peru - Take the high road to Inca glory  Read

Recipe: New recipes for Easter  Read

Danish Round-Up: Physiotherapist visitor numbers soaring  Læs/read

Finland election a sign of things to come for EU  Læs/read

Adventure in Northeast Iceland  Læs/read

Sweden's "no-go zones"  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read



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17. april 2019

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WORLD Headliines:
Notre Dame fire: Macron pledges to rebuild devastated cathedral  Read

Huge fire sweeps through Notre Dame Cathedral – in pictures  Read

Notre Dame fire: Fears over fate of cathedral's treasures  Read

Cathedral fire under control after spire and roof destroyed – as it happened  Read

'Our lady of tears': What the papers say about the Notre Dame fire  Read

A complete guide to all the meaningful reunions on 8 premiere episode of 'Game of Thrones'  Read

'Absolutely Controlled MP' Documents Link AfD Parliamentarian To Moscow  Read

Are Russian Germans the backbone of the populist AfD?  Read

What will you say to your grandchildren?  Read

New climate movements are talking of equity, not just urgent action  Read

The World Might Actually Run Out of People  Read

Amazon's Alexa lies to - and spies on - consumers  Read

Save Jewish heritage from 'Islamic State' in Iraq  Read

500th birthday of Catherine de' Medici: Behind Florence's most powerful dynasty  Read

Ability to lift weights quickly can mean a longer life  Read

One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine  Read

British MP says he doesn't regret comparing Brexiteers to Nazis - it "wasn't strong enough"  Read

Why would you do yoga with lemurs? - video  Read

Interactive story: What do you know about landmines? - video  Read

OECD: Belgium charged highest wage taxes in 2018  Read

EU's claim Energy Union now 'a reality' not based on facts  Read

Absolut Art democratizing the art world by limited-edition, more accessible to young collectors  Read

The 'Washington Consensus' is dead. But what should replace it?  Read

What’s next in Brexit, the neverending story?  Read

Spiegel: "Call to Order" - The British Parliament in the Age of Brexit  Read

DiEM25 and the path to democratise Brexit  Read

Brexit Britain’s Huawei conundrum  Read

Why a Green New Deal needs a Deep Green Movement – part 1  Read

Why a Green New Deal needs a Deep Green Movement – part 2  Read

Europe’s missing women leaders  Read

Survey reveals harassment worries at EU cyber agency  Read

Europe urged to reject US Middle East plan if it is unfair to Palestinians  Read

Walt Whitman’s Guide to a Thriving Democracy  Read

Seychelles president delivers speech 400 feet below ocean's surface urging protection of our seas  Read

The wine producing nation you may not be familiar with  Read

Positive energy: Danish island leads renewable revolution - video  Read

Ecological study identifies potential association between antimicrobial resistance and climate change  Read

Is it Facebook and Google's responsibility to stop fake news?  Read

The Feds, Police Are Using Google's Location History Feature to Track Down Suspects  Read

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down across US, Europe, Asia  Read

We Were All Free of Facebook's Iron Grip on the Internet for a Few Hours  Read

Video: Will Game of Thrones finally answer these big questions?  Look

Video: Racing across the Sahara with no GPS  Look

Video: Inside China's mega-airport  Look

Video: The biggest revolution in gene editing - Crispr-Cas9 explained  Look

Video: 'We have searched for you all these years' - Three Red Cross staff missing in Syria  Look

Pictures: Penitents, skulls and lasers - The weekend's best photos  Look

Pictures: The Houses awards - Australia's best residential architecture  Look

Pictures: Theo Fennell's jewellery workshop  Look

Fashion: Less is more - Why the shorts power suit is here for summer  Read

Film: Professor Johnny Depp says goodbye to the rules, hello to himself  Read

Games: It's ironic, but gaming can be an escape from our hyper-connected, screen-filled life  Read

Travel: 20 of the most beautiful villages in France  Read

Recipe: Easter feast  Read

Why the Indians are curious and the Danes are sceptic – an intercultural dilemma  Læs/read

Finland voted for change in parliamentary elections  Læs/read

CNT Nomination for Deplar Farm in North Iceland  Læs/read

Now Swedish, not US, police charged over fatal shooting of man with Down's syndrome  Læs/read

Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

EU to facilitate financing for small businesses in the European Neighbourhood and Africa  Læs/read

UN housing expert says, France must do more for its homeless - video  Læs/read

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