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WORLD Headlines:
Calls for debt relief for world's poorest nations  Read

The next epidemic: Resurgent populism  Read
What Europe is (and isn’t) buying during quarantine  Read
US cast as culprit in global scrum over coronavirus supplies  Read
Authorities’ shifting advice on face masks adds to confusion in coronavirus crisis  Read
Have I already had coronavirus? How would I know and what should I do?  Read
Panic-buying in UK will return ahead of Brexit transition end  Read
Coronavirus bundles Greece into the digital era  Read
US far right seeks ways to exploit coronavirus and cause social collapse  Read
Europe's coronavirus numbers offer hope as US enters 'peak of terrible pandemic  Read
Market for Chinese-made masks is a madhouse, says broker  Read
To help stop coronavirus, everyone should be wearing face masks. The science is clear  Read
What the 1918 flu pandemic can teach us about coronavirus drug trials  Read
Watch: Travelling around the empty streets of Rome on lockdown  Read
Virus recovery talks should ditch old taboos: EU's Vestager  Read
Classic European cycling race to be held virtually this year  Read
Why are women more likely to go vegan than men?  Read
YouTube moves to limit spread of false coronavirus 5G theory  Read
Europe's forgotten Roma at risk  Read
Is the EU's Erasmus program under threat?  Read
Trump administration determined to exit treaty reducing risk of war  Read
Ousted US intelligence inspector general urges others to speak out and defend whistleblowers  Read
To Donald Trump, coronavirus is just one more chance for a power grab  Read
Florida's slow response: A 'mini-Trump' governor who borrowed the president's playbook  Read
'Trump is killing his own supporters' – even White House insiders know it  Read
Why are so many of the world’s top jobs still held by grumpy old men?  Read

Easter Baking in Denmark  Læs/read

Sweden prepares for possible tighter coronavirus measures as deaths rise  Læs/read
Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

"No single country will be left behind in this crisis" says EU Commissioner for Internal Market  Læs/read
UN chief calls for domestic violence ‘ceasefire’ amid ‘horrifying global surge’  Læs/read

Games: Bafta games awards 2020 - Outer Wilds and Disco Elysium dominate  Read
Travel: Lockdown 'Springwatch' - Chris Packham's Self-Isolating Bird Club  Read
Recipes: How to make corned beef hash  Read

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7. april 2020

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WORLD Headlines:
Europe Struggles to Find a Joint Approach to the Corona Catastrophe  Read

Solidarity for Europe: ­Germany Must Abandon Its Rejection of Eurobonds  Read
Corona Compassion Around - The World People Are Finding Creative New Ways To Support Each Other  Read
Accuses US of ‘piracy’ over face masks  Read
Big changes needed to revamp EU crisis system  Read
UK faces testing crunch as crisis worsens  Read
British MPs hope coronavirus will accelerate digital democracy  Read
The cure for the coronavirus crisis: More trade or less?  Read
How Google has been gathering your location long before coronavirus tracking  Read
Which trees are best in the fight against air pollution  Read
Trump team reaches into presidential history for a historic crisis  Read
As the numbers of dead and unemployed grow, Trump looks and sounds smaller  Read
'I'm not going to do it': Trump rejects his own administration's advice on masks  Read
Trump administration: Pandemic early warning program was scrapped in September  Read
Unreality Check Coronavirus: The movie  Read
Dutch ‘no’ on corona bonds undermines European project  Read
Coronavirus lockdown impacts small business in Britain  Read
Boris Johnson will be judged on the next four weeks. That prospect should frighten him  Read
Facebook will now let you transfer all pics and video to another platform  Read
Renewable energy developments threaten biodiverse areas  Read
Germans rally behind Merkel amid coronavirus crisis  Read
Angela Merkel sees 'bit of hope,' but keeps coronavirus lockdown in place  Read
Medics in Brazil fear official coronavirus tally ignores ‘a mountain of deaths’  Read
Coronavirus is now contaminating Europe's democracy  Read
Coronavirus could be final straw for EU, European experts warn  Read
Unemployment in US and UK 'may be worse than in Great Depression'  Read
Coronavirus live and updates  Read
WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook down as hundreds of users report outage  Read
Experiments lead to slip law for better forecasts of glacier speed, sea-level rise  Read
Russia's 'corona-holidays' leave small businesses in freefall  Read
'It's an exhausting story': The up-close view of Trump  Read
Rightwing Christian preachers in deep denial over Covid-19's danger  Read
Donald Trump fires intelligence watchdog who sparked impeachment process  Read
A good time to dig out good news  Read
Hope in a time of crisis - Great-grandmother's secret to beating Covid-19… marmalade sandwiches  Read
How pets are helping us through the coronavirus crisis  Read
Trekking to Everest base camp - by climbing the stairs at home  Read
Appreciates iPad at Age 102  Read
Deep-sea worms and bacteria team up to harvest methane  Read
Trump 'decapitating' intelligence leadership amid coronavirus crisis  Read
Orbán's backsliding could permanently change the face of the EU  Read
Coronavirus could be final straw for EU, European experts warn  Read
There’s nothing pro-life about exploiting a pandemic to further a political agenda  Read
Using the virus to bash Beijing could trigger a new cold war  Read
Bored in lockdown? Try learning how to tango online  Read
The week in wildlife - in pictures  Read
World’s cartoonists on this week’s events  Read

Age split of those hospitalised and deceased  Læs/read

Finland's Easter witch custom gets pandemic update  Læs/read
COVID-19-Concerned Geese?  Læs/read
Farmers in Norway are ringing the farm bells to create hope during the corona crisis  Læs/read
'They are leading us to catastrophe': Sweden's coronavirus stoicism begins to jar  Læs/read
Nordic News on Twitter  Læs/read

Schengen isn’t dead - yet. The real test will be dismantling border controls again  Læs/read
First person: COVID-19 is not a silver lining for the climate, says UN Environment chief  Læs/read

Games: The Last of Us Part II delayed by coronavirus - is this the start of a trend?  Read
Travel: Hotspot resorts face coronavirus crisis as rich escape to holiday hideaways  Read
Recipes: Simple, staple recipes for lockdown  Read

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6. april 2020

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