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Kvinde fyret fordi hun forsøgte at blive gravid  Læs mere
Vi køber sommerhuse igen, men til lave priser  Læs mere
Våbenprotest: #MeNext-unge spiller døde foran Det Hvide Hus  Læs mere
Støjbergs (V) ministerium har fundet fem syge udlændinge i live  Læs mere

Here's how to use Apple's Animoji - the new talking emoji that has your voice and facial expressions  Læs/read
Germany's far-right AfD overtakes Social Democrats in poll  Read more
EU prepares response to possible US tariffs  Read more
Victims' rebellion?  Read more
The war America isn’t fighting  Read more
Trees for Trump: One million plants pledged to offset U-turn on climate change  Read more
Trump comes in last in expert presidential rankings survey  Read more
Russian troll farm insider opens up  Read more
Facebook’s next project: American inequality  Read more
U.K. Nuclear Fuel Supply at Risk Without Euratom Fix  Læs/read
UK to EU: Play fair or we won’t pay our bill  Read more
Storm clouds over Munich  Read more
Carillion bosses 'contemptuous' about paying into pension schemes while handing out bumper dividends  Read more
Australia says UK could join Pacific trade group after Brexit  Read more
New anti-Brexit party aims to overturn EU referendum vote  Read more
Crunching Car Data for Cash: An Israeli Startup Takes on Google  Read more
Europe Can't Get Its Stories Straight  Read more
China furious over theft of terracotta warrior's thumb on loan to US  Read more
‘Upskirting’ must be made a criminal offence as girls as young as 10 are photographed  Read more
A century of women at work – in pictures  Read more
Glass-floor frights and snake bites - photos  Read more
Stop going on vacation and fix gun laws, angry Florida students tell Trump - video  Read more
‘This wasn’t the person we knew’, say couple who cared for Florida shooting suspect – video  Read more
Travel: Harry Potter’s house … and loved by Lloyd Webber / A brief guide to Lavenham  Read more
Midweek dinners: Fettuccine with fennel and prawns  Read more

EU, UN & Nordiske:
Europe’s new data rules: What they say, what they mean  Læs/read
Europe’s poor regions fear cuts in budget battle  Læs/read
Hailing regional efforts, UN urges Latin America and the Caribbean to continue to protect people on the move  Læs/read
Ahead of Social Justice Day, UN agency calls for fair labour migration governance  Læs/read
'Attack on religion': Anger over Iceland male circumcision ban move  Læs/read
Maersk the World's Biggest Container Liner Looks for Deals Outside Shipping  Læs/read
Danish researcher finds 95 new planets  Læs/read
Quiet 81th anniversary of King Harald  Læs/read
How Sweden’s most powerful investor missed out on $30 billion by letting go of the online retailer Alibaba  Læs/read

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21. februar 2018


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Dybt problematiske” bonusordninger i staten  Læs mere
En million kubikmeter slam skal dumpes og forurene Storebælt  Læs mere
Hovedentreprenør på Storstrømsbroen tyuveri-anklaget i stor skandalesag  Læs mere
#MeNext: Amerikanske unge kræver ændring af våbenlovgivning efter skoleskyderi  Læs mere
Facebooks dataindsamling er ulovlig, siger Belgien  Læs mere

Researchers find elderly people with high cognitive function: "Superagers’"  Read more
Winter Games: Anti-doping case against Russian curler  Read more
Saudi Arabia Is Taking a Harder Line on Oil Prices  Read more
Three Things Worrying the Global Security Establishment  Read more
Five women killed in Russia church shooting  Read more
Uncertainty, competition mark the space between the EU and Russia  Read more
Orangutan population plunges due to hunting and deforestation  Read more
Transforming German cities into organic food gardens  Read more
Munich Security Conference – the end of diplomacy?  Read more
Weak iPhone X demand isn't just hurting Apple — it's also causing problems for Samsung  Læs/read
Cow living alone on island after miraculous escape from slaughterhouse  Læs/read
Cleaning products as bad for lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day - video  Read more
New blood test can detect autism in children  Read more
Iran urged by UN to respect environment activists after wildlife campaigner death  Read more
WHO warns over measles immunisation rates as cases rise 400% across Europe  Read more
World should ignore Trump's tweets, say top US security officials - video  Read more
What's in a kiss? 12 "fun" facts about kissing  Read more
The Lemon festival in Menton – in pictures  Read more
Dog 'adopts' monkey after losing its puppies - video  Read more
Why one tiny Scottish island is key to every Olympic curling stone – video  Read more
Travel: Where to party in 2018: A clubbing, nightlife and festival guide  Read more
The perfect dan dan noodles - recipes  Read more

EU, UN & Nordiske:
Danish terror trial may have connections to UK attack  Læs/read
MPs demand Council become more transparent  Læs/read
Efficient national tax systems critical for sustainable development and inclusive growth, urge UN  Læs/read
Norway road authority buys reflective vests for tourists  Læs/read
Sweden Is Getting Worried About Its Cashless Society  Læs/read

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20. februar 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

Forsikringsselskaber udspionerer boligejere  Se her
Influenza presser sygehuse  Se her
Den sjældne kejserørn er blevet set i Danmark  Se her
Tysklands udenrigsminister: Vi kan ikke længere kende vores Amerika  Se her
Lægemangel i hovedstaden kan give flere indlæggelser  Se her

I stopped saying 'yes' to everyone, and it changed my life  Se her
Do Gunmakers Make Money Off Mass Shootings?  Se her
'I put my head on her knee and cried': What my 102-year-old friend taught me about grief  Se her
Italy used to be a tolerant country, but now racism is rising  Se her
Female doctors in UK are earning less than their male counterparts  Se her
America’s Disgraceful Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings  Se her
White nationalists fooled the media about Florida shooter  Se her
Spiegel: Donald Trump's Dangerous Game  Se her
Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First  Se her
Netherlands plans to boost customs staff by 750: UK will need 'thousands' more after Brexit  Se her
The Real Brexit Battle Inside Theresa May’s Cabinet  Se her
EU's Barnier Sticks to His Brexit Guns, Warns U.K. Against Dumping  Se her
Only the EU can break Facebook and Google's dominance  Se her
Is it possible to reverse Brexit?  Se her
What the Euro Zone Can Learn From the U.S.  Se her
America's dark underbelly: I watched the rise of white nationalism  Se her
White nationalists fooled the media about Florida shooter  Se her
Admiral warns US must prepare for possibility of war with China  Se her
How Russia turned the internet against America  Se her
Macron's Biggest Battle Is With Voter Skepticism  Se her
Spiegel: German Politics Enters Era of Instability  Se her
Russian Self-Driving Car Takes on Snow and Sub-Zero Conditions  Se her
Toyota's Sony-Loving Design Chief Bets on Buses and Supercars  Se her
Tesla Model 3 Tracker  Se her
Pangolins: World conservation day aims to raise awareness of most trafficked mammal - pictures  Se her
Welcome to Limassolgrad: The Cyprus city getting rich on Russian money - pictures  Se her
The 20 photographs of the week  Se her
Victims of Florida school shooting remembered at vigil – in pictures  Se her
Dubai's archipelago of 300 artificial ‘countries’ is back in business – video  Se her
Engine on United Airlines plane falls apart on flight to Hawaii – video  Se her
Travel: China by train: Tracks, tales and a snapshot of everyday life - pictures Se her
A stir fry, chips and dumplings - recipes  Se her

EU, UN & Nordiske:
Facebook and Twitter weak on protecting users, says EU  Se her
Korean nuclear crisis, Middle East quagmire eroding global security, UN chief tells Munich summit  Se her
Danish former Under-Secretary-General issues rebuke at 'controlling' UN member states  Se her
Irish border after Brexit? How Norway-Sweden keep things smooth  Se her
'Stop deporting skilled migrants!' Swedish CEOs say  Se her

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17.-19. februar 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

Flere smittes af livsfarlig rottesyge  Se her
Juraprofessor til Claus Hjort: Du bør værne om danske retsstatsprincipper  Se her
Lægemangel i hovedstaden kan give flere indlæggelser  Se her
Regeringen opfordrer til at udflytte dele af Folketinget  Se her
Tidligere dansk FN-chef: FN er handlingslammet  Se her
Kæmpe jordskred midt i Rom  Se her

Single dads die at more than twice the rate of single mums or partnered parents  Se her
Call for urgent action over erupting pensions misselling scandal  Se her
Mormons want to save the US Republican party's soul. But is it too late?  Se her
Twitter deleted 200,000 Russian troll tweets. Read them here.  Se her
The cost of feeding a Bundesliga team  Se her
Poles told to denounce 'anti-Polish' compatriots following Holocaust law  Se her
Teslas Are Finally Replacing Porsches on the Autobahn  Se her
Putin cancels key appearances due to ill health for first time in years  Se her
While Washington Spends, China Moves to Cut Its $30 Trillion Debt Load  Se her
Japan to bolster military base on island idyll that could become front line in event of war  Se her
Instead of winding down, why is Syria's war getting worse?  Se her
Alpine crossing: Refugees battle extreme weather to reach France - in pictures  Se her
The New York underground – in pictures  Se her
How YouTube's algorithm distorts reality – video explainer  Se her
Travel: A local’s guide to Porto, Portugal  Se her
How to eat flowers without poisoning yourself  Se her
Mushrooms al ajillo - recipes  Se her

EU, UN & Nordiske:
EU: Twitter, Facebook still in violation of the bloc's consumer law  Se her
Far-right parties re-register to access EU funds  Se her
Both radio and sports can help people achieve their potential, says UN on World Radio Day  Se her
Denmark's Eurovision entry is a sign of our Viking-loving times  Se her
Billion kroner loss for Norwegian Airlines  Se her
Pussy Riot members say Swedish exile is price of opposing Putin  Se her

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16. februar 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

Prins Henriks far advarede sin søn om danskerne  Se her
Væggelus er nu et stort problem i Danmark  Se her
Nu skal økogrise bedøves, før de kastreres  Se her
NATO's generalsekretær: Der skal bruges flere penge på europæisk forsvar  Se her
Et af disse 6 billeder bliver ’Verdens bedste pressefoto’ i år  Se her

Tired of texting? Google tests robot to chat with friends for you  Se her
Turkish-Russian missile deal puts NATO on edge  Se her
A deeper look at Germany's new Interior and Heimat Ministry  Se her
Wood to build human body parts — and other bio-innovations  Se her
Fast food causes 'infection'  Se her
Is the Illuminati running the world? Maybe it’s not such a mad idea  Se her
Decline in krill threatens Antarctic wildlife, from whales to penguins  Se her
Underwater photographer of the year 2018 winners - in pictures  Se her
The Island Crabs, asylum seekers and therapy on Christmas Island - video  Se her
Travel tips: 10 of the best eccentric attractions in Europe  Se her
Fettuccine with fennel and prawns - recipes  Se her

EU, UN & Nordiske:
EU-Enlargement?  Se her
UN agency sets ambitious target to reduce hunger and poverty for millions worldwide  Se her
Life in pictures: Prince Henrik of Denmark  Se her
Norway wealth fund tells companies to fight corruption  Se her
The little-understood secret powering Swedish innovation  Se her

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15. februar 2018


Til SeniorSiderne og Seniornyhederne

Prin Henrik er død: Nekrolog  Se her
Kongehuset: Prins Henrik bisættes den 20. februar, men asken deles i to  Se her
Historiker om bisættelsen: Meget usædvanligt og et klart brud med traditionen  Se her

Denmark's Prince Henrik, who wanted to be king, dies at 83  Se her

EU, UN & Nordiske:
”Prins Henrik var väldigt omtyckt”  Se her

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14. februar 2018


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